3 popular body lotions

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By Tifanny

3 popular body lotions ,let's see how good they really are!


Bath and Body Works Temptations Glittery Gumdrop body lotion

Review by miss_mac: For some reason I LOVE this smell. It smells a lot like fruit punch. The packaging is beautiful. I stocked up in the after Christmas sale!

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I got this as a gift and it took me two months before I actually used it. The smell is nice, but VERY VERY strong. I have to leave the room that I apply it in because its so overwhelming. After it dries the scent lingers FOREVER.
I don't think I'd buy it again, just because the overpowering scent had lead to to mix it with unscented Jergens... so that one bottle is going to last me a while...

Review by Viognier: Yum!! This does smell just like candy, and the bottle is so cute, with a glittery sticker;) Color is pale lavender, no gross musky undertones either! Yay!

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Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion

Review by gogoamy: Will I buy this again? YES, I have bought this over and over! Before I get to the very end of the container I am already purchasing more. I put it on straight outta the shower/bath and it sinks right into my skin! Wonderful hydrating creamy lotion.
This is the be-all end-all for my husband! He alerts me when we are getting low!

Review by julie9536: Perfect lotion in every way. I'd recommend this to anybody and everybody.

Review by i_darling: I had such an awful, big and raised scar on my finger that was there for several years. It was really awful-looking--like a large wart or tumor and you could tell several layers of tissue must have been damaged. And all those years I was really embarrassed about my right hand, which had the scar on it. I was so uncomfortable with it that I was thinking of getting it surgically removed. I saw this lotion in those travel sizes at Walmart and decided to use this to moisturize the scar. I'd rub it into the scar several times a day, and at night I'd put some on and wrap it in a bandaid. About 2 or 3 weeks after, it was virtually gone. I still can't believe it! If you look at my hand, you could hardly tell there was ever a scar there. And that scar was there for a long, long time. Can't wait to buy the larger size and try this on the rest of my body.

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The Body Shop raspberry puree body lotion

Review by Leelee57: Mmmm... so yummy and tart and fruity. Adore the scent! It's not as thick and creamy as BBW, but it's still nice. Makes my mouth water.

Review by mashafromrussia: My new kitchen lotion. I spent too much money after X-Mas at TBS, and this is the first time that I have tried the body lotion. I usually buy body butter only. This lotion has a nice, light, fruity scent, and it does the job on my hands. I haven't tried this on my body, because I bought the raspberry body butter which I will will try once my coconut body butter is finished. I wish I would have stocked up on this lotion. I will do so in the summertime...

Review by Carrie: I got this for ten bucks in a sale which is a damn good price for here. The lotion itself is very, very light and quite watery (not thick). The scent is quite nice, they used raspberry seeds which are apparentely really good for your skin. I'd also like to say how good the bottle itself is - you can twist the pump to lock it so it doesn't leak. Awesome! One lipstick off because the scent doesn't linger for long.

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