3 popular body lotion review

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By Fiora

3 popular body lotion review,let's see how good they really are!


Earthen Treasures Fluffy Stuff

Review by ahappyplace: Wonderful lighter cream that I use at night. I got it unscented as sometimes scented creams burn my skin. Great customer service, extras in every order and just a great lady. Ordering from Earthen Treasures is always a great experience. Thumbs up to Fluffy Stuff.

Review by franjipany: The new formula is fabulous! Very thick and creamy but not too hard to apply! Just adore it!

Review by sophie_tan: This stuff is great! It is so mosturizing! I got it in Pumpkin Choc Chip Cookies and it is amazing! It smells so real! I wish the scent lasted a little longer but I will def buy again!

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Victoria's Secret Pampering Body Lotion

Review by DawnD: I'm so abset!!!!!they discontinued this product!!!!!
I love it! hope they bring it back...that was my perfume as well:(

Review by Angeline: My friend got this as a sample and I used it while we went out for a night out in the city. As soon as I applied it - omg..I was in looove!! The scent is a mix between something very fresh and floral smelling which I think is a great combo. The lotion went on very smoothly and left my skin feeling silky and "pampered". I went out that night and even though we were in bars, the scent lingered so I decided to make the purchase! However it is on the expensive side for lotion (15) and the dispenser along with the plastic cap can get dried pieces of lotion stuck on it so I just use this sparingly but when I do..it's a dream!

Review by Viognier: I was killing some time in the VS shop whilst waiting on a friend in the fitting room, and I sampled and purchased this on a whim. WOW! I usually buy cheap drugstore brands for body lotions, but I plunked down the 15 for this. It sinks right into the skin, leaves the skin silky smooth, has a beautiful fresh scent, and a great pump-style dispenser. I also liked the whipped body creme and perhaps will go back and purchase that for winter. I am anxious to try the other products in the Pampering line!

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Fresh Nectarine Milk Body Lotion

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: We finally have Sephora in our town and I'm so glad that they carry fresh because I definitely missed everything fresh, and yes I got this after all these years not able to used their products. The milk line is my favorite, too bad they discontinued the milk chocolate but the nectarine and milk will do. The nectarine is very subtle perfect for spring but the milk is warm and subtle and for all year round. The scent last for hours, the texture of the lotion is runny but it's good on hydrating my dry sensitive skin and your whole family can use it...if you don't mind sharing and paying the high price tag of 28. Highly recommended!

Review by Springncts: One word, overrated. Heavy glass bottle is a turn off. Consistency is watery and fragrance reminds of a baby's bottom. Not worth the 40 CAD which I paid for it. I have had better luck with many drugstore brands and paid less . Ugh.

Review by cyndiinphilly: First off, I'm addicted to this scent. ADDICTED! It's amazing, even in the winter, even though I'm sure it's most commonly associated with warmer months. I got this in the plastic bottle, not the glass, which makes it a bit more managable, I'm sure. The price is steep (22.50) and, honestly, worth it for a few aspects: 1) the fragrance, 2) it's fresh, 3) the fragrance lasts forever. As for moisturization, it's not that impression (thus the four lippies), but if you layer it on the shower cream or bar soap, it smells like a really fabulous EDT all day long. FRESH, COME OUT WITH A fragrance OF THIS!!!

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