3 popular body gel

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By Sara

3 popular body gel ,let's see how good they really are!


Kanebo Kanebo Naive Aloe Vera Soap

Review by Bethany09: I bought the liquid version of this soap and use it as a shower gel. It has a wonderful creamy consistency and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, but never dried out. I have tried so many other so-called moisturizing bath products and they all left the skin on my arms and legs feeling tight and dry. This one is truly an exception. In fact, I even use this is an alternative to shaving cream for my legs. It comes in a convenient pump bottle, is very affordably priced, and can be readily purchased at asian markets or online. Love it and highly recommend it!!

Review by biomechmonster: I love it, I haven't been using it not too long and I'm almost done! Found it at the local asian supermarket along with the other millions of japanese body soaps. This one caught my eye has it claims to have aloe in it. Ingredients do have a lot of detergents in it, but I give it props for cleaning my back so well. Theres a million other japanese body soaps to try, so there is a high chance of me coming back to this one as I'm attracted to the aloe part.

Review by franjipany: A dear friend of mine from Japan recently sent me a few cosmetic goodies from there and one of the things she sent me are these Kanebo Naive Aloe Vera bar soaps. They are FANTASTIC!!!!! They're white like snow and they have the most adorable and most beautiful scent I've ever found in a bar soap! It leaves my hands very soft, clean and smooth and the scent is so pretty! I always look forward to washing my hands and then I can't stop sniffing them! hehe...I don't know if I'll be able to find them here in the US too but I'll certainly try! This is an awesome soap and if you get a chance to try it, please do!! You'll love it...I do!! ^_^

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Dove Pink-rosa

Review by staci01: This is the best all around soap and the best in the Dove line as well. It makes my skin soft and smooth (even compared to expensive brands), does not cause itchy skin and smells soapy versus the overly perfumed scents Dove has in their body washes, even their so called fragrance free one which actually has perfume. I just love how moisturized and soft my skin is afterward.

Review by catlover9_9: Love this, smells great and its so moisturizing

Review by dontblink15: Dove beauty bars in general are my HG!! my mother has had my entire family using this for as long as i can remember.unlike other bar soaps this doesnt leave that gross film/scum on your skin after rinsing. It doesnt leave you dry and the rose scent is light and barely lingers on your skin just leaving you feeling and smelling clean.

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Sephora Chocolate Raspberry Hair and Body Wash

Review by beckibabe: This smells so divine that sometimes I go into the bathroom and open the bottle just to get a whiff of it!! Overall I think it's a great bodywash. I put it on my loofah and it lathers very nicely and feels rich and creamy on my skin. The one downfall I've found is that the smell disappears fairly quickly after getting out of the shower, and usually by the time I'm ready to go I can't smell it on my skin at all. It would be nice if I could still smell a bit of it on my skin throughout the day. I will definitely continue to repurchase, as it certainly perks me up during my morning shower!

Review by Jaie: yum! love it! smells more like crushed Oreo cookies (without the cream in between) . I hardly detect any raspberry in it, but it's still delicious. This flavor is much more tolerable than their 1st 3 in 1 scent, which was Triple Layer Cake (smelled like butter with floral in it to me)

Review by lorraine07: A YUMMY scent! I can smell more chocolate, than raspberry - but there is a hint. I prefer this as a body wash, than as a shampoo.

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