3 popular blush review

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By Vicky

3 popular blush review,let's see how good they really are!


MAC Beauty Powder in Blush Of Youth

Review by cloud0204: LOVE this beauty powder. it's the first beauty powder i've purchased and honestly i only bought it cos of the rose..haha but the colour was really pretty too. Most of you are saying that it doesn't show up and that it can't be swatched. I thought the same until i tried swatching it again a moment ago and since i've used it quite a bit now, it swatches really well!
the color doesn't show up much when the product is brand new but after you get that first hard layer of powder, the powder's really fine and there's a lot of colour. I absolutely love this. i use it as a blush and an all over colour. it's a great natural flush. it isn't very pigmented so it may not show up on dark skin tones but on me (NC25-30) it shows up as a lovely clean pink, kinda like i've just been in the snow.
get it before it's all sold out! this is LE. Bought a back up =)

Review by DawnD: I found this at a CCO a year after I regretfully did not purchase this when it came out at the counters. I like it more for the design than I do for the color, I think haha! The color is pretty, but I think the raised texture makes it a little harder for the brush to pick up pigment. I have several blushes and they are all slightly different, but this shade is dupeable. I also think its a bit sheer. Its nice, but nothing super special. I've used better beauty powder blushes from MAC.

Review by mworley00: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. I wish it wasn't just a limited-edition collection, because I would love to repurchase this over and over again. I use this as a highlight on my cheek bones and it has beautiful, natural payoff. I have very light skin with yellow undertones and this is just a wonderful color for me. I recommend it highly!

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Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed Tarte Blush

Review by lbarnold: I bought this blush in Dollface (light pink), Blissful (peach), and Exposed (nude). Out of all 3 I bought, Exposed has to be the most unique one for me anyway, and my favorite. I'm fair and would never dream of buying a blush that looked so muddy brown in the pan. BUT, I swatched it and loved it! It's a perfect "wearing blush but not in your face" kinda color, and it goes with everything! I love all the Amazonian Clay blushes, they are all gorgeous and they DO last a very long time, the longest wearing blush I've tried. Such an awesome formulation and product!!

Review by munchlaxy: I'm loving the amazonian clay blushes, they do a great job of controlling oil in the summer.

Review by nemomemo: Gorgeous color/beautiful texture. Does it last as long as company promises? Of course not. But it does wear well, and importantly, doesn't change color. Note to anyoneotherthanamericans: Sephora charges almost a 30% premium to purchase in Canada. This even though the Cdn is at par or better. I can understand 10% for shipping etc, but this is truly excessive. So long as we continue to buy without complaint, companies will continue to gauge us.

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Max Factor Colorgenuis in Roses

Review by aznbebebabe: pretty colors but a little too light

Review by Chloeclover: Three different rosy shades in one. With a quick swirl of a brush, you get a soft rosy tint which, unfortunately, took three applications to show up on my pale skin. Once it did, the color was very natural and pretty but the work was a little much for my grab and go lifestyle. I'm not sure how many people would use the colors individually since there isn't much space for the average brush to grab from.
I'm a little concerned that as it gets cooler, the powder may be a little chalky since there isn't any shimmer or glow to it but we'll just wait and see. My main reason for not repurchasing is that I've got more than two life times of blushes already.

Review by rebec75: Wow! What a pretty color. It comes with 3 different shades..one is more rosey, then more pink..and a lighter pink. Together the color is very soft and natural. Wears very well and adds no shine to the skin. Beautiful!

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