3 good shampoo

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By Stella

3 good shampoo ,let's see how good they really are!


Mustela foam shampoo

Review by Lola_Bear: The woman who cut my 2 year old daughter's hair recommended this product because my daughter had a bad case of cradle cap. I was a bit skeptical to buy another shampoo since the last hair stylist recommended Paul Mitchell's Baby Don't Cry shampoo which made it even worse. But I knew we had to try something so I bought it. We saw a difference immediately. Our whole family has noticed how much better her scalp looks. I also love the scent. I expected it to be a medicinal scent, but it's a nice fresh scent.

Review by bekkbekk1985: Great shampoo for newborns and small infants. Self-foaming, is so easy to use and rinses well. Not only does it diminish cradle cap, but also leaves baby's hair silky soft and clean at the same time. Definitely recommended.

Review by abrilio: I actually use this on myself , but it would be an excellent product for infants and newborns. It cleanses gently and leaves my hair super-soft. Perfect for chemically-treated or colored hair too. I needed a couple of pumps to get enough shampoo for my hair, but it creates a nice, creamy lather and smells sort of herbal.

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Aveeno Nourish + Soothe

Review by SisleyAus: This shampoo is loaded with silicone. Silicone is the third ingredient and it uses harsh ammonium laurel sulfate as the cleanser. This effectively cleaned my hair and did not leave it stripped. But after using the matching conditoner, my hair felt like it had a coating on it.

Review by pinkiiish: This shampoo is very average. Smells average, lathers average and leaves average results. I thought because it was made by Aveeno it would offer something great to my winter dry scalp, but it hasn't. Overall, I think paying 9 for regular drug store brand shampoo is too high.

Review by didion0312: Got this for 3 with a coupon so the price was great but the good things pretty much ended there for me...
Smell: The smell wasn't too bad. Very pepperminty which is nice.
consistency: When I add water to it (Which I always do since this shampoo is too "thick" for me, the consistency is decent.
Results: Horrible. Dries out my hair but also leaves a lot of gross residue :(
Overall, I really am not impressed with either of the Aveeno shampoos I bought!

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J.F. Lazartique Orchid Shampoo

Review by maribebe: This shampoo indeed smells heavenly -- a light, slightly sweet orchid scent. It will definitely get rid of any unwanted scent in your hair ... like if you were at a smoky party. It has a slight clarifying effect so I don't use it all the time and I imagine that it wouldn't be great for very dry hair. But for me, it is a good product for adding an incredible scent and some body to my hair.

Review by dastac: I love the smell of this shampoo! It lasts along time on the hair and makes the bathroom smell great, too. My only issue is that I can't use it too often as it dries out my baby-fine hair. Still, there are days when I just HAVE to use it . . .brings my mood right up!

Review by lizbert: If you're looking for a wonderful-smelling shampoo that does an adequate job of cleansing the hair (all types), this is definitely a wonderful product to try. The scent is this shampoo's selling point; wonderful and fresh, it reminds me of the orchids I smelled in the rain forest - and lasts until the next washing.

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