3 good nail polish compare

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By Vicky

3 good nail polish compare,let's see how good they really are!


OPI Papua Pink Pearl

Review by nechama22: This is a gorgeous pearl colour with pink iridescence.. Really a very unique shimmery shade that would flatter both cool or warm skintones.. But I think it looks really best with a slight tan.. A HG for me!

Review by Lola_Bear: I have decided this polish is better if I only use one coat. This way it is a shiny sheer white with a pink shimmering tinge. Tips of nails stay white.
If 2 coats are used, it turns more opaque, streaky, and seems less shiny too. Quickly manicures and shines bare nails.
This is from the Summer 1998 South Seas Collection.

Review by clnfox: I seem to keep purchasing this colour from a variety of sources. OPI Papua Pink Pearl is a pearly white with a slight gray undertone and a pink opalescence. This polish is very similar to Essie Guadaloupe Opal and is a grayer version of China Glaze Rainbow. Two coats is opaque, one coat just gives a nice pink pearly sheen to the nails. This polish would look better with a tan when two coats are used. I will not be repurchasing this polish because I have the other two I mentioned above in addition to PPP.

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Inglot Nail Enamel

Review by suze9_8: Initially I found this to be an incredible product. I had it in black (I don't remember the number) and right after I applied it, I washed the dishes, with dish soap and hot water and grease and absolutely NO FINGERS chipped. None at all. It lasted a really long time and came off easily enough.
It was just weird because it dried out so quickly, like after four or five uses. Shame, because otherwise I would've gotten it again.

Review by sleepyone: I have two of these. The old formula (reduced to half price) and the new one (full price).
526 - The old formula i have is a pink in the bottle but sheer pink with a faint glitter on the nail. It can be builded up to create a more opaque colour or lightly put on for a clean polished naturalistic look.
031 - The new formula i have is a mettalic magenta pink. Its a vibrant rich colour and doesn't chip.
overall Im veery impressed with not only Inglot's nail polishes but all of there stock.

Review by labelslut: I tried on this very light pink colour with shimmer and it had a nice green sheen to it. Unfortunately, the bottle is TINY and I didn't think it was worth the 15.00CAD for it...But in any case, the Inglot at Metrotown is closing out.

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China Glaze VIII

Review by rebec75: oooh la la! almost black so if you want a more purple polish then this isn't it. It's gorgeous nonetheless. Very nice application for a dark polish.

Review by mriaow: A beautiful dark purple! As others said it's very comparable to the OPI Siberian Nights, but I find this one to be a bit more purple which is nice. I love this dark shade and it doesn't come off too dark as if you're wearing black. It's great for all skin tones. It only take me two coats to get a nice opaque look.

Review by abrilio: Beautiful almost black, purple-eggplant color. It's an awesome two coater. I reach for this color quite often when I'm in a vampy mood.

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