3 good loose powder

By Vicky

3 good loose powder ,let's see how good they really are!


Urban Decay Cocoa

Review by zhenya: wow this is just gorgeous esp when i have all my st tropez on this looks amazing against tanned skinned and tastes great too...i want them all!!!!!ive heard there is now a pina colada one i cant wait to try that!!

Review by Capprii: AHHH...YUMMYYYYYY!!! Honestly this product is soo sexyummy that you would wanna eat yourself. I have a hard time with the box though - as most of my cocoa powder gets wasted when I am flipping it down to get some on the Sexy Leopard Puff. What am I doing wrong? Any advice? I haven't applied this on my face yet but - just on my neck, my shoulder blades, my arms, my chest...my tummy..yummy!!! hehe. Very Expensive though- I want to try their other products as well - Marshmallow + Caramel -Unfortunately they are out of stock and could be ordered online only - and delivered to USA residents only - that SUCKS.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: Cocoa is a life saver! I am 24, Female, Blonde haired, Blue eyed, and PALE! This gives a healthy glow and a great scent. I wore some the other night on a date and he turned to me to give me a hug and said, "You smell like chocolate!" He loves it, and so do I. This is the second time I have bought this product, and I know it will not be the last!

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NARS Loose Powder in Snow

Review by miss_mac: HG powder. I'm very fair and this is perfect on my cool-toned PPP skin. It doesn't add any color, which I love - just blots oil and keeps shine at bay. I use this over Anthelios Fluide Extreme 50+ (a fabulous sunscreen, but leaves you rather shiny) and my trusty NARS powder keeps me matte for hours. It's worth noting that while this may seem expensive at around 34, you get a huge amount - 1.6 oz. (MAC, for instance, gives you just .28 oz. for 21). Therefore, it actually works out to be quite economical. Love, love, love!

Review by DawnD: THE BEST (in my opinion) loose powder for the very fair girl. It goes on silky smooth, as it comes with a special screen on top of the holes where the powder comes out to further thin out the powder. Its been my stand-by best and i recommend it to all my friends. I bought it one day out on a limb just browsing for light powders and *bam* instantly everything i expected. great coverage, long wear, doesnt give you zits and is also a great makeup setter. My absolute favorite! A+++ Francois Nars

Review by bebejacket: This powder is so silky smooth and finely milled. It makes my skin look like porcelain. Unfortunately, it wears off within two hours, leaving me looking blotchy (I use it primarily with concealer in lou of foundation to even out skin tone). Usually I like Nars packaging, even though it gets dirty quickly, but it's rather ridiculous with this powder. The powder gets everywhere, the whole package stays covered in white dust even when you try to clean it.
Definitely not worth the price.
Edit: This stuff has grown on me. I started using a kabuki.with it and helped with the coverage problem. Still not great though.

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By Terry Loose Powder

Review by cgosyne: Such a shame!
This powder made my skin look absolutely beautiful....everyone told me I was glowing. how excited I was until, a week later....when I realised this powder was breaking me out.
Have had to stop using it! Use with EXTREME caution if you have sensitive skin, like me. Talc is the main ingredient, and I have found that it is actually an irritant (which is why mineral foundations also break me out. Don't believe the hype!)
I am now getting good results with the Creme De La Mer loose powder. It's been 3 weeks, and so far no break-outs. Fingers x-ed!

Review by IiIy: very nice loose powder, good oil control and leave you the perfect skin!

Review by bekkbekk1985: I think it is the best loose powder I tried. It sets makeup perfectly and does not leave any glittery or chalky look. Also no irritation or breakout from this product. I use cream vanilla and although it looks very peachy in the container, it matches/brightens up my LLL/FFF skintone. By terry products are very expensive, but I am very impressed with their quality. **Edit Nov** I still like this powder very much but I prefer By Terry pressed powder (HG), which I think gives a bit more satiny-velvety finish. And also the shade cream vanilla is too peach in natural light (looks nice in evenings, though).

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