3 good lipsticks

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By Sara

3 good lipsticks ,let's see how good they really are!


Maybelline Wet Shine Blushing Diamonds

Review by IiIy: First of all, it's not drying at all and I like the shimmer. It makes my lips fuller ~ I like that :P The colour is a really soft so I have to apply a lot. However, it looks great on my usual lipstick. Will try other colors in this line :)

Review by bekkbekk1985: I've finally found it!!!!! A pale pink lipstick that doesn't wash me out!! with glittery bits too! I love it love it love it!

Review by taurusgurl5984: After trying the wet shine lipstick, I was interested in this one because of the cool diamonds in it so I gave it a try. I loved it! A first you think it's kinda dry, but it's just light. The shine is subtle but very nice and I can't get over the shimmer. It makes yours lips glisten (hence;wet shine diamonds) and the colour is a pretty soft, almost baby pink meets a soft blushy, mauve. Very pretty and definatly my favourite lipstick.

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Clinique All

Review by Bethany09: Copy-pasted from a review of Clinique's Almost Lipstick in general:
I have this product in "Black Honey" and am very pleased with it. The colour is gorgeous, and the texture is perfect for me - not as goopy and sticky as a gloss, but not as thick and fussy as a lipstick. It's sheer, but you still see pigmentation. I find that it took me a while to finish my tube, and I'm definately going to purchase another one. It's one of the few lipcolors I actually finished! Wonderful stuff!

Review by Newme: The quality is high.

Review by biomechmonster: If I'm looking for a new lippy this is my first port of call. Wonderful shades and textures. Good staying power, and moisturising -even the long lasting lippies. The best thing about clinique is the lipsticks don't have that horrible smell and taste that some brands (even the expensive ones) do. Worth every penny.

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Estee Lauder Go Pout Lipstick- Sugar Daddy

Review by bebejacket: I got this as a swap, and I'm very happy with it. Do my lips look like Elizabeth Hurley? No, but short of collagen injections, nothing is going to do that. However, I found that if I use a slightly deeper lip liner and fill my lips in leaving only the center top and bottom bare, then use the lipstick, my lips do look poutier and very sexy. And the color is gorgeous! I'll happily buy this again when it runs out.

Review by misswillow: Sugar Daddy is the shade Elizabeth Hurley wore in all the ads, a gorgeous brown with pink undertones color that really does make lips appear a little plumpier. Very stunning neutral shade!

Review by catlover9_9: This is the only EL product I use. This is just the PERFECT color lipstick, I use it with Vasanti Nile Lipliner. It's a nude tone - but better (slight holographic shimmer).

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