3 good lip glosss compare

By Christina

3 good lip glosss compare,let's see how good they really are!


Lancome Juicy Tubes Pop - Chai Freeze

Review by cloud0204: A terrific gloss for the nude lip look.Wears a long time and goes on smoothly without looking too milky.I like this more than MAC C-thru lipglass but I really hate bubblegum smells/tastes;I think it's the nastiest stuff ever,so I took off a lippie.

Review by blacklittlepig: Love Juicy Tubes Pop, but I was less than thrilled with this one. Like all JTPs, it had a great minty bubble gum taste, tingle that lasted for a couple minutes, wonderful stickiness (which I like), and good lasting power, but the color left something to be desired. It looked like a pretty pale nude in the tube, but went on clear unless I applied a LOT. When I did, my lips look strange and whitish and the color was uneven. No shimmer or anything to spice up this blahness. Luckily I got it with a couple more good JTs in the holiday set.

Review by zhenya: This gloss came in the JT Pop mini Holiday set. At first, when I saw this gloss I thought "Hmmm how boring!" as it is a typical peachy/beige color. However, when applied it gave me the perfect nude lips, which is definetly a first! Nude lips usually wash me out, but this gloss is perfect for me! There is also no glitter in this one, but some very subtle shimmer is apparent. Definetly worth a look.

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L'Oreal ColourJuice MANDARIN 802

Review by pulidobl: I didn't like it. It gave me absolutely no color, barely any gloss, and it was goopy and sticky and it didn't last long. It actually dried out my lips more than my other glosses. The one thing I like is it's cheap. I hated it so much I threw it away!

Review by Pinki: I tried the Mai Tai first, but this one suited me much better, more pinky than Mai Tai, not quite as shimmery, definitely going to buy it again.

Review by guitarzan: This has a pretty pink opalescent flash to it, and a nice basic pink base color. I find it not so much like Enchantress, which was too opaque and too peachy on me. This is sheerer and pinker and prettier on me- and despite it's sheerness, it actually does have enough pigment to work. This is the least unusual shade in the collection, but indeed very pretty and nice for summer. I will probably get more mileage out of Mai Tai but do like this one too.

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Girl Cosmetics Slip Gloss

Review by jamelia: This is a pot gloss with a neat twist - the base of the pot opens up to reveal a teeny mirror and brush. A nice idea, but the brush is predictably not the greatest quality, though OK for touch-ups.
The gloss itself has quite a lot of pigment and medium to high sheen. A major ingredient is sunflower oil, which gives it a slippy, totally unsticky texture. It goes on very evenly, without creeping, but like most glosses isn't too longlasting. I didn't personally like the strong vanilla scent, though it should please vanilla-lovers.
I love the colors I picked - Honey, a mid-tone pinkish nude/caramel and Belle, a mid-tone browny rose. Both are muted, subtle and very wearable.
A beef - you only get 3g of product, so it's not the greatest value for money - I can see this not lasting very long.

Review by Sybil84: The container for this is pretty cute. It opens up on both eyes with a mirror and brush. The brush reminds me of those tinker bell kits I used when I was younger, cheap and useless. The gloss itself is horrible. I like thick, sticky glosses, not this slippery, thin gloss. I like the smell though, I am obsessed with sugary/vanilla scents.

Review by jenss79: Like others have mentioned this gloss comes in the cutest compact ever. I can do without tiny lip brush but the mirror on the bottom of the compact is perfect. I have this in Honey which is a perfect rosy-mauve your lips but better shade with a touch of shine and a real nice feel to it on my lips. I love the scent - vanilla but not overly strong. This is a staple in my cosmetic bag!

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