3 good fragrance

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By Monica

3 good fragrance ,let's see how good they really are!


Coty Chypre

Review by OutofControl: Coty Chypre is very pleasant, the characteristic languid verdancy of labdanum punctuated by aldehydes (the bergamot may have deteriorated somewhat by now), sage, thyme, patchouli, and a graceful whisper of rose?and of course, oakmoss. It does not smell much like a Greek island, it is lightly soapy, floral-tinted green perfume, more like a bouquet garni with a veneer of powdery aldehydes. When Marilyn Monroe sniffs the air around her in The Misfits and exclaims how the sage around her smells like "green perfume", Chypre might have been a good fit too.

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Bath and Body Works Night Blooming Jasmine

Review by Jennybear: Spring in a bottle. Freshly showered woman on a warm sunny day. Even to a not-usually-floral gal like me it's a breath of fresh tropical air!
If you like smelling like a blooming tropical garden give it a try! Pretty!

Review by aguskl: i love this so much and i am so picky about fragrances.....i never get tired of it either.....this never gives me a headache like other fragrances do...i guess you can only get it at the bigger bath and body works stores if you are looking for it....it is my favorite

Review by Farra: I started out with the shower gel - smelled mostly like soap, so it gets 1 lippie.
Lotion was better - super-sweet jasmine but still heavy on the soap - 2 lippies.
Body spray is super-sweet jasmine - pretty but very simple fragrance - 3 lippies.
This should average out to 2, but I'm bumping it up a lippie because, unlike most BBWs, it lasts all day on me.

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Guerlain Apres l'Ondee

Review by pink_cosmos: I am a big lover of violets and so I decided to give this a try, since I like the "old" Guerlains. First, yes, I smelled fantastic violets, but there was an other note that immediately reminded me of the smell in my dentist's waitingroom... I tried this scent several times, hoping that my dentist would disappear but no chance, this note is present from the beginnig till the end.
I think it is the anise.

Review by Loriwong: This is a very soft, gentle, subtle fragrance with a noticable violet component. It is quite different from most fragrances on the market today. Very unusual. Unique.

Review by coolRED: I find this scent powdery, musty, and heavy on the anise and violet - two notes I tend to dislike in a scent. It truly smells stale to me. I only tried the EDT, however.

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