3 good face scrubs

By Vicky

3 good face scrubs ,let's see how good they really are!


Astara Daily Refining Scrub

Review by edie4711: This scrub is so much better than all the others I tried. It's alot more densely packed with particles than most scrubs, so the whole face gets exfoliated instead of portions of it.
But the particles are very fine silica, so it's more gentle (and natural!)

Review by isabellet: I love the happy grapefruit smell. This does a good job, and yet it would be difficult to irritate and scratch your skin even if you scrub, scrub, scrub just to enjoy the smell a bit longer. I only use it occasionally, but it has good shelf life and it's nice to have around. The pump can get a bit jiggy and glass containers make me kinda nervous, but I think it's a worthwhile product.

Review by diachu21: This is another winner by Astara! I love the Daily Refining Scrub! This has a lovely citrusy scent and does a remarkable job at exfoliating my acne prone oily skin. I love that the scrub is very fine and doesn't feel like it is scratching my skin like other scrubs(ex.St.Ive's Apricot. :P ) It retails for 26, but you can make a similar concoction at home by mixing baking soda and Cetaphil. I'll still repurchase the Astara when I run out,though. A big plus is the awesome customer service and the use of natural botanicals! Great line! :)

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Philosophy Sweet Coconut Milk Salt Scrub

Review by belle2216: This is a very good salt scrub, although its not the best. I first tried this on my heels. It didn't do much, but my heels are pretty dry and rough. The rest of my body is a different story. This works very well, made my skin smooth and kinda smells like a cross between cocoa butter and coconut (leaning more towards cocoa butter). The tub is also enormous, which is great because this costs about 25. Another thing, this product isn't super oily. While natural oils usually work well for my skin, they often leave a nasty film on my bathtub making the surface quite slippery. Thank goodness I didn't have to worry about that with this product. The only downside to not having the natural oils (olive oil, jojoba, grapeseed, etc.) is that this scrub isn't as moisturizing as some others are.

Review by i_darling: This is the BEST scrub I've tried up to this point. I love salt scrubs but have always hated how most are salt-in-oil emulsions. It's about time someone decided not to use oil. I don't care for oil scrubs because I'm always afraid of slipping in the shower and because I prefer to use a lotion afterwards to moisturize rather than having greasy oil on my skin. Sweet Coconut Milk salt scrub is a glycerin-based scrub. The scent is fabulous although it doesn't stay on your skin once the scrub is rinsed off, which is just fine with me. I've already gone through three of these giant tubs and no wonder--after a scrub, my skin is smooth and silky like a baby's bottom. Note that if you have rough spots like your feet, use an implement like a callus shaver or file to get rid of the calluses instead of a scrub. Not even a pumice scrub will smooth out extremely rough and cracked heels.

Review by sjcsmall: Great product! Would highly recommend esspecially if love coconut. It's one of the nicer coconut scents out there.. not to overpowering. As for the scrub itself, leaves the skin so silky smooth! However, I agree with the last reguarding using something else on the feet.

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Neutrogena Clear Pore Daily Scrub

Review by belladoggie00: Ok guys, I spent ten minutes making an account JUST TO REVIEW THIS PRODUCT. This facewash is amazingggggg I dont know how else to say it.. I am a freshman in college and my face breaks out frequently because of stress, I have used every face wash I can think of including
-Neutrogena 3 step
-Acne Free
-Perfect Skin
-Clean and Clear 3 step
haha i know.. quite a list. I bought this on a whim one day at Wal-Mart and have been soooo happy since. It makes your face feel so clean and has great scrubbing "beads" in it so you really feel like its cleaning well. Dried my face out for the first week so use a moisturizer after washing your face, but now it doesnt dry me out anymore. Works right away and doesnt make your face break out before it gets better type thing.
Hope this product works as well for you as it does for me!

Review by misswillow: The only Acne cleanser that contains BP instead of Salicylic Acid in the drugstore I can find. I can't use Salicylic Acid. It dries out my face really bad and doesn't work for my acne prone skin however, BP works wonder for my skin. I love this! One of the best scrubs in drugstores.

Review by nishie: Not a bad product, but the menthol in this isn't something acne prone individuals should put on their face. I find neutrogena scrubs really are bland and don't have the effect on skin that other scrubs do. Other than that, this formulation really is unique as the below review said. I like it's benzoyl peroxide, clay base, but I do think that there are better things out there

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