3 good face moisturizer reviews

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By Sara

3 good face moisturizer reviews,let's see how good they really are!


Weleda Everon Cold Cream

Review by biomechmonster: I love this cream,it doesn't break me out,i work at the hospital and my hands was always dry bec. of handwashing and applying purell,this cream helps alot.

Review by kat_25: Great cream for my very dry skin. It's VERY rich at first but soaked in beautifully. My skin was flaking on my cheeks and around my mouth and this seems to be helping. I'm curious to see what happens once I've used more of it. The tube is great which eliminates having to stick your fingers in a jar. I also like the fact that it is supposed to be similar to the equally popular Weleda Skin Food minus some of the potentially irritating essential oils. Not too expensive. Around 13 dollars CDN.
So far...very impressed

Review by laurilauri: This is my bargain Dr. H. Rose Cream. It's very cheap for what it is. It's a very rich balm like cream. But for some reason, my combination skin likes it (unlike skinfood which breaks me out). I mostly used it this winter b/c I could afford Hauschka Rose cream. You must only use a small amount. Rub between palms to warm and press gently into damp skin. I don't use on areas of my face with open or clogged pores (nose area).

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The Body Shop Soy and Calendula daily soothing moisture cream

Review by blyss: It's good stuff for the amount you pay - it's moisturizing and makes a wonderful eyecream. However, I did notice that the hairs around my lips are abit longer now after using this. The same thing happened when i used another soy product from Aveeno. I wonder if the ingredient encourages facial hair growth?

Review by lipstickcrazy: First of all, this irritates acne-prone skin. It moisturizes alright, but I feel like it doesn't absorb enough and kinda "sits" on the skin. Good if you're looking for a non-irritating product, however, I wouldn't recommend it for regular use.

Review by cosmokid: I liked this product at first becuase when i put it on my face felt good. THe consistency was nice and not to thick. But as the day gets longer you feel like it kinda sits on your skin and doesnt absorb as well as it should. Its definately not a bad moisturizer, but i think their are better.

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Jack Black Ultra Light Oil Free Sunguard SPF 20

Review by srobinb: Great for the price an sun protection factor!

Review by lipstik: Very GOOD

Review by kit_kat68: I just bought this, the only thing I don't like about it is the smell. Other than that, it absorbs very quickly and doesn't really make me shine.

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