3 good body lotion review

By Christina

3 good body lotion review,let's see how good they really are!


Scentual Pleasures Whipped Soy Body Butter

Review by AokiJ: my most fave body butter ever! i have a nice collection on this stuff going and cant seem to get enough. its not like most other butters,its not thick like a balm, its sooo creamy and white and the scents smell very true. its not as greasy as some other butters but DANG its moisturizing.

Review by mz654: Oh yeah! While I found the regular whipped butter too greasy, the soy butter was like a beautiful whipped frosting. It feels so great scooping it out, I keep finding excuses to apply!! Very moisturizing and left my skin silky all day and night - except for my fall legs (LOL) which need more help. I so plan to buy more as soon as I can! Held scent well and overall was great! I do notice the packaging (white plastic tub) while durable could have a slightly wider mouth so I could "dip" easier.

Review by mashafromrussia: Ah, this is divine...simply divine. Feels like heaven. The perfect smooth buttery texture.

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Avon Avon Basics Rich Moisture Hand and Nail Cream

Review by Olive143: I dont understand why this has such a high rating. I bought this over 10 years ago, and accidentally bought it again last year. the formulation has not changed. a white creamy lotion that has an unpleasant soapy smell and leaves the nails dull.
As for the product itself, it absorbs without being sticky or greasy, and i suppose leaves my (dry skin type) hands feeling good. But any hand lotion can do that, without the unpleasant smell and making my nails look so dull!

Review by Caligirl42990: I love this hand cream. There is a bottle of it in every bathroom in my home, in every car's glove box and on my desk at work. It's creamy but not greasy. It truly moisturizes!!

Review by kitkat85: I like this hand lotion, but I don't like it as well as Silicone Glove by Avon. This is best when used on top of a retinol hand treatment at night. The scent is okay, nothing I dislike or love.

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Aveda Hand Relief

Review by Dimitra: I love the smell of this hand cream. It's very moisturizing but a tad bit greasy. A little goes a long way. I bought this in the handy travel size which is really convenient because I can put in my little purse and bring it anywhere. A good hand cream.

Review by isabellet: I love this hand cream! I put it on at night and sleep in gloves, and it moistuirzes like no other! It also works throughout the day to moisturize without leaving yuor hands all nasty and greasy.

Review by marsqurine: Not all Aveda hand creams are the same. This is the best one in my opinion. It smells like minty fresh grass, not like baby poop. The lotion also moisturizes well. Certain bad lotions, when used, leave a greasy film on your skin, doesn't sink in, make your hands look like glossed up wrinkly paper, and feel like glorified tap water. This lotion has a creamy texture, sinks in quickly, leaves a non-greasy glow on your skin, and gives your hands a soft rejuvenated look. I highly recommend!

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