3 good beauty tools

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By Elena

3 good beauty tools ,let's see how good they really are!


Johnson & Johnson 100 Cotton Rounds

Review by rebec75: The best cotton rounds ever! Better than the other DS brands.

Review by Graceteix: Great things these are. I dislike the spongey makeup pads, so these worked out nicely for me. did not get little threads of cotton on my face like normal cotton balls. love.

Review by miss_mac: Love these...they are the best. They don't leave cotton strings all over and are tough. I can use just one to take off ALL of my nail polish. Usually have to use two or three of the cheap cotton balls to get that job done!

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Clarisonic Pro Skincare Brush

Review by Suzy_h: This tool is great, but like i think others have said becareful not to overcleanse your face, which is exactly what I did, Used this twice a day and still exfoliated too and i broke out bad. Now I only use this at night with the clarisonic cleanser, and then rinse my face with water in the morning. I love it

Review by munchlaxy: When I first purchased this product it broke me out for about the first 6 weeks, I was only using it once a day. Finally after the 'break in' period my face started to clear up and most importantly it was much smoother. I had always had a problem with dry patches and oily patches and the Clarisonic pretty much made those issues go away. My face soaks up the products I use and it very very smooth. It has made applying makeup easier and I have fewer (almost no) dry patches like I used to.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone old or young. Stick with it even if you breakout at first, it was worth it for me.

Review by shimmering: Read so many positive reviews and finally I bought PRO about a month ago.
During the first 2 weeks of usage, small breakouts on chin and jaw. I guess those are just my skin reacting to the brush where hard to clean dirty stuff are suck out from pore ;-p
After a while, breakouts cleared and I am very pleased with the result. I use once a day during the evening and it never fail to deliver the result..fresh, clean face yet not over dry!
This product is really worth the splurge considering its effectiveness is keeping the face clean. Now looking back the days before I got PRO, it's rather scary that all these while traces of dirt/skin care product left on skin even after manual washing with hands.
I am totally satisfied and happy with PRO. Go get it and you shall realise what does "clean" really mean!!

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Ruby & Millie Folding Brow & Lash Comb

Review by diachu21: I bought this on ebay (brand new) for just £4 which I was impressed with, but this tool is so good that I'd pay the normal price for it if I needed another one.
I've never had any luck with plastic combs but this one is amazing, it really does get rid of clumps - my eyelashes look natural (yet enhanced by the mascara) rather than spider-legs.
I haven't used the other end yet, and don't think I will, but I'm very happy with the eyelash comb side.

Review by lipstik: I bought this at Boots , on a trip to the UK .
Pros : very neat compact design , the metal teeth remove any residue of overzealously applied mascara ie.gets rid of spider legs and lifts it slightly as you do it , depending on the formula of mascara you are using ! Doesn't rip your lashes as you might think (being metal) ...
works so much better than any plastic one which normally breaks after a few months of use !
Can be washed and cleaned easily , much easier than any plastic comb...
The brow brush is also very good , works much better than any other brow brush I have come across (or any old mascara wand ;-) ) .....
delivers a styled look to brows and one is able to brush them up , like the magazine cover models ... :-)
Cons : can't really say there are any ..... :-)

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