3 effective shampoo

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By Tifanny

3 effective shampoo ,let's see how good they really are!


American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo

Review by moth: A shampoo for men, smells OK but not to say woow...
In my opinion a shampoo for men that offers nothing special.
It cleans well and make my hair shiny. Average shampoo.

Review by cgosyne: my husband uses this one for 3 years know, he has dry curly hair and he loves it. its very mild to the skin. for my hair its not good ;-) . great.

Review by Jessimau: My husband got this at the salon he goes to-He has used all the products I have, from Redken, Kerastase, KMS, and the list goes on-
They used this on his hair at the Aveda salon and he had to know what shampoo and conditioner they used on him b/c he liked the way his hair felt and the smell-
It was Daily Moisturizing Shampoo from American Crew-
After he got I decided to try it, I was currently using Kersastase Oleo Relax shampoo and Oleo Relax in the Pot conditioner-
I must say this cleaned my hair, didn't dry it and it is really good, and cheap-
I picked up some more today at Ulta, I think it's 7.95-

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Matrix Biolage Fortifying shampoo

Review by Newme: I adore this shamboo. It smells wonderful, like I just got back from the salon! (Meaning it smells like salon shampoo!) I rarely find a shampoo that I can use and refill once the bottle runs out w/o making my hair frizzy. With other shampoos, after I finish one bottle, I have to change b/c my hair resists it! This shampoo makes my hair so soft, and OMG just smells so good!!! =] A tip: buy the 1-litre on sale (right now its 13.99 at Ulta!) I prefer the cap on the small bottle, so I refill it!

Review by oopsygirl: Weighs fine hair down way to much, would be good for thick hair

Review by CherryBlossom03: A nice conditioning shampoo that did a nice job of cleaning my dry colored hair. Gentle shampoo with a great smell.

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Avalon Organics Botanicals Olive & Grape Seed Moisturizing Shampoo - Fragrance Free

Review by marsqurine: I have wavy, thick density 2a/2b hair. I am very particular about ingredients in hair products and I was looking for a shampoo low on sulfates,gentle detergents, fragrance free, and with plant oils. This shampoo fits the bill! It does not irritate my sensitive skin and it cleans gently without stripping. My hair has body and is very soft and moisturized. My new HG shampoo. It is under ten bucks too. No silicones or proteins too! I pair this with Rene Furterer Carthame, Bioinfusion hydrating conditioning balm or Vo5 blackberry sage conditioner.

Review by dxgirly: I was looking for something gentle that wouldnt irritate my scalp. I have never tried any avalon products before and im really glad i tried this because it really was moisturizing so much so that it was like i had already conditioned my hair .
My hair was so soft and shiny and my scalp was happy with it too.Also it lathers nicely without stripping your hair or scalp . Bought it for 8 bucks CAN at the health food store. Totally worth the price.

Review by stephanie32082: Initially used their Rosemary shampoo, but they changed the scent to some sort of musk. I'm sensitive to most fragrances, and found I couldn't use that anymore. Switched to the Lavender, which was okay for me, but then found this, which is completely fragrance free. It lathers reasonably well, and leaves my hair soft and clean feeliing. I buy this online now.

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