3 effective self tanner

By Stella

3 effective self tanner ,let's see how good they really are!


Neostrata Self Tan

Review by stellaluna2: Great product! It gives your skin a natural looking sun glow! Buy it!

Review by franjipany: This review is for Neostrata Natural Insta-tan.
I bought this self tanner based on MUA reviews and it definitely did not disappoint. AWESOME.
Applies beautifully with no streaking and the colour is perfect-a nice golden tan with one application and the second application giving me that beautiful deep golden tan that i have coveted for years. The rules apply to all tanners-exfoliate, moisturize and apply. It did not leave stains on my clothes. It is vastly better than savage bronze which was my staple for years
I purchased from a canadian pharmacy for 31 including s+H.
Gets 5 stars from me.

Review by catlover9_9: This self tanner is an alright product - it gives pretty good results but you need to be willing to forgive some of its downfalls. First of all, a CG is a nice thing to have in a ST, esp. for begginers, but this CG is a little too dark for my liking; its a dark red/grey brown that looks and feels like mud. The smell is nice, a soft almond-paste sort of smell, not overwhelming IMO. When all is said and done, and the cosmetic CG is rinsed off, the resulting tan is significantly lighter than the CG, but a nice reddish brown. For me, while this product does give nice, consistant results, the price (20+), the colourguide, and the light colour that I am left with just isnt enough to keep me comming back. To add the the previous reviewers statement - this Neostrata product originates in Canada and is thus available over the counter in Canadian drugstores like Shoppers Drug Mart.

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Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun for Face

Review by Olive143: My can says Especially for the Body, but I believe it is the same stuff...I really love this self tanner....I used to use Neutrogena Spray Mist, but this is even better....the color is good and the application is nearly fool proof. You are less likely to get a line with this versus the Neutrogena mist. The spray is super fine and doesn't over-apply anywhere. It's so easy to get a gradual tan that you can spray heavier in the areas the next day that you can see you need.
I always apply in the shower after I have thoroughly dried. Then, wrap hair in towel so no drips and don't get dressed for about ten minutes.

Review by stephanie32082: Best self tanner I've ever used, hands down. I only self tan before bedtime, and then wake up and take a shower, because I'm self conscious about the smell of them. This dries in seconds, and does not rub off on the sheets the way most do. It gives the darkest tan of the ones I've tried (I did a patch test on my leg to compare), and it lasts longer than most. It's natural looking, and I just love it! Excellent! Highly recommended, especially if you want a self tanner that dries quickly and is not oily. Since using it, the skin on my face is actually clearer. I haven't had a single pimple for about the 4 months I've been using it. I agree with the others- the face formula and the body formula are exactly the same thing, just in different bottles.

Review by Dimitra: I am going to beg to differ with the other ladies here on the rave reviews of this self tanner. I had already purchased SUBLIME by Loreal when I read that this tanner received better reviews. Soooo, I went out to purchase some of this right away. I am very disappointed in this product. It took on a very orangy color to my skin (sorta like a Willie Wonka OMPAH LOOMPAH!!) and turned every pore I had a deep orange and accenutated every single tiny blackhead I had-that I never even noticed before using this product! I guess thanks to it for that since I have booked myself for a deep cleaning facial. This product was a total waste of money for me. On the other hand, SUBLIME worked great. I got a nice, glowing, natural tan- not orange. I guess it depends on your skin and skin chemistry-this one certainly didn't do it for me. Will I purchase again or recommend this product to others? NOOOOOOO!

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Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Gradual Tan Moisturizer SPF15

Review by Bonnie2842: I've always been pretty lazy in remembering to apply the self tanning products if they are gradual. Which is why I'd prefer to get the instant bronzers. This is a really excellent tanner and smells a little better than the other one's I have tried like Jergen's and Loreal.
I see a difference after I apply it, but it is very gradual. You see a difference if you use it just about every other day or every day for a week! You just have to remember to keep it up.

Review by aznbebebabe: I am african american (light brown) and this stuff gives my skin that extra glow and pretty tan I am in love. I bought two bottles of it just in case I run out quick and to last the whole summer, it smells great, doesnt have too much shimmer, not stick, etc it is an all around good product, about 12 bucks but def worth the price, I will be wearing this all summe, and stocking up on more for the winter. It also lasts all day and I mix it with my Aloe Vera Max Block sun lotion for moisture

Review by mworley00: Loved everything about this self-tanner! It goes on smoothly after your shower and have exfoliated skin. It also didn't make me orange or show streaks, I'm a naturally tan person, but this stuff makes my skin AWESOME. The smell is good too, it doesn't have that chemical smell like Loreal and the other brands. I will keep buying this, in fact, I'm stocking up!

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