3 effective palettes

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By Fiora

3 effective palettes ,let's see how good they really are!


Stila Vintage Hankie 4 Pan Palette - Blue

Review by navarre: This is my favorite palette ever! Definately HG status with these e/s colors. Everyone always compliments me when I'm wearing this. My favorite purchase ever!

Review by AimeeO: Retails for 28, this palette caught me by surprise and surprisingly pretty, albeit tiny and overpriced. The buttery yellow base practically goes on non-existence on my LLL/PPP, Stila B/C skin but the teal e/s goes on sheer giving my lids a wash of fresh blue, not teal. The liner is so so, and the blush is a bright pink and very pigmented (Stila got this mixed up, the e/s should be more pigmented than the blush). Nevertheless it's very pretty. I pair it up with Baby Pink Peach gloss, very fresh look for the spring.

Review by bebejacket: I was quite surprised to see how small the palette actually was but the colours are really nice and go on easily. This palette has a slight shimmer which makes it suitable for day and night...

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Bobbi Brown Living Beauty Palette

Review by labelslut: This is a great palette for the Bobbi Brown novice. I gives you a taste of Bobbi. I love the fact that you can create many looks from one palette.

Review by almighty_curv: I love this palette! This is my first BB palette and I'm thrilled. All the colors are beautiful and wearable. No, nothing flashy here but just fabulous, beautiful, wearable colors and good quality makeup. I couldn't be happier.

Review by tippygirl: I really love this palette. I bought it off ebay two weeks ago. I have used it everyday since then. It is so convienient to have everything you need in one place. I add MAC studio fix, lipgloss, concealor, and mascara and I have everything I need. The size of this is about 4 x 3 1/4. Relatively small, but there is more than enough product in there. Each circle of product is about 1 inch. The pot rouge can be a little drying on your lips, but I use it as a "stain" then top with lip gloss. I really couldn't be happier with this. The size makes it perfect to toss in your handbag. I'm a MAC 20/25 and all the colors work great on me. I use chocolate as a brow powder too. I would definetly buy this again, too bad it was LE.

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Stila Cover Story- Pretty

Review by dastac: I havwe 5 of the 6 older cover stories, a great way to get 3 shadows and a blush for 28, puchased separately is like over 60! This is the complete warm shades, delaunay, sun java e/s and tint blush. Works well together!

Review by Ellz: This is a great way to try out these Stila products for cheaper than buying them seperately. The e/s colors are Delauney, Sun, Java and the blush is Tint. The color are nice for everyday wear. Very nice shades.

Review by suze9_8: Very pretty palette, the colors are very sheer, but the shimmer gives the colors a nice overall effect.

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