3 effective palette

By Sara

3 effective palette ,let's see how good they really are!


Too Faced Quickie Chronicles - The Sweet Tarte

Review by shimmering: Love this palette! perfect color combos for super sexy looks. the blush is beautiful, glosses are great, and shadows are outstanding. highly reccomend it!

Review by bklyncowgirl: I LOVE the blush! Very flattering on my PPP skin. The lip glosses are nice, but the eyeshadows don't work with my skin tone or my eyes. I would only buy it again for the blush....definate staple in my routine.

Review by sjcsmall: The packaging of these palettes are so cute that I couldn't resist! This one is the larger size with more colors and two dual-ended makeup applicators. The colors are cool-toned with a pink, shimmmery white, and dark pewter eyeshadow colors, a raspberry pink shimmery blush, and various shades of hot pink to muave lipglosses. I was pretty impressed by the quality of all the products and my favorites in this palette is the blush, which is a shimmery raspberry shade that has a slight hint of peach in it and the shimmery pewter eyeshadow. On a warm toned person this palette may not be as flattering though. This palette is not as portable as the mini ones since they are bigger but for 25 it's still a pretty good bargain and the packaging is irresistable.

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LORAC Island Escape Palette

Review by iberian: I love this palette. It contains eyeshadows in Merlot (deep burgandy shimmer), Money (deep green shimmer), Love (light green shimmer), Memsmerize (coral shimmer), and Joy (pink shimmer). Blush in Desire, a bubblegum pink shimmer. Lip/cheek tint in Sugar, again bubblegum pink. And a lip gloss in Desire a shimmery pink. The shadows are great, very rich and highly pigmented. The blush looks kind of odd on me, it is very shimmery. If I use a light touch over my normal blush it adds a nice shimmer. The lip/cheek tint and the gloss are both nice. Overall this is a very nice kit.

Review by mulhollanddrive: Let me start by saying that I love LORAC products. I really haven't found anything I totally hate. I purchased this compact on sale for less then 10 so I don't feel bad that it doesn't exactly rock my world. The colors are beautiful but very sheer. The blush and cheek stain are not noticeable at all, although the colors are beautiful they are not very pigmented as other LORAC eyeshadow are. The only other thing that bothers me with this palette is it's a pain to open if you have long nails.

Review by LuiLui: This is such an exquisite palette! I was lemming it for quite some time. I have been dreaming of an exotic springtime look..and I imagined vivid greens for eyes and bright pinks and corals for the cheeks and lips. This palette gives me just that. The green shades are perfect for a sexy, springy look. I use the peach shade as a highlighter. The blush is so pretty! It's exactly the sexy yet sweet color I was looking for. I am relatively new to the Lorac eyeshadow craze, but I love my croc palette and I daresay this is every bit as good...and even more exciting! It's drama and sexiness all in one.

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Stila 4 Pan Denim Compact

Review by mashafromrussia: So cute!! Okay, so the 4 pans don't hold up too well but I love my Denim Pan. And best of all the price is good!

Review by Capprii: Not a huge fan of these cardboard pallettes. They are ultra cute (the demin one is so adorable, I wear jeans all the time) but don't travel well. Also, the shadow gets all over them and is impossible to clean. I wish it would have holes in the bottom like the metal pallettes do as I've nicked many of my shadows trying to pry them out. I'm replacing my cardboard pallettes with the new metal 4 pans.

Review by mz654: It's cute. I have this one, 2 Blonde girl, and an ABC. They're all cute. They're so Stila and so cute.

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