3 effective nail polish review

By Marcella

3 effective nail polish review,let's see how good they really are!


OPI Atomic Orange

Review by ciarar: Woah! this colour is awesome. It's a true orange and it's bright. I wore it out last night and got nothing but compliments from random people. I'm very pale and it suits me to a tee...but I know it would also look amazing on more tanned skin colours. Definitely the signature colour this summer!

Review by fitnessa: Love this orange! The name is really appropriate, it looks like an orange that would come out a nuclear plant or something. Two coats works perfectly for me, and I get so many compliments every time I wear it. I think it's because it could be considered a daring colour, but I'll wear any colour on my nails so I'm not really bashful in that sense. It's definitely a fantastic colour all year round (but may be a little too kitchy around Halloween!) Will repurchase.

Review by runty: This is a great color for the summer. It's bright and beautiful. However, I'm only giving 3 lippies because it is extremely streaky. I have many OPI polishes and after 2 coats, the color is even. But for this color, after 2 coats it is still streaky. The formula is also very thick.

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OPI Rally Pretty Pink

Review by sophie_tan: Amazing!!!! This is an exact dupe of Zoya faye. Most unique and stunning nail polish that i own. Microfine glitters of gold that float on top of the purple shade.

Review by dxgirly: I love this nail varnish. Its a beautiful pink base with gold sparkle, giving either a gold, copper or pink effect depending on the light.
It went on very easily, was runny without being unmanageable, dried quickly without streaks and looked great with 2 coats! I only left it on for 4 days but there was only a tiny bit of tipwear after that time so durability looks good too!
I managed to pick this up on its own from ebay without the white shatter that goes with it, and I love it, would definately rebuy if its still available when I run out!

Review by LuiLui: After I swatched this at the store I absolutely NEEDED it. 2 coats is all you need to get the true color. But, I've been having fun using just 1 coat for a shiny/shimmery/pretty neutral. Then, to glam it up, I'll swipe some gold macro glitter on top... kinda makes me think of champagne :P
Needless to say, I'm obsessed with this polish. The application is easier than with a lot of other OPI colors, which is saying something. It's a very versatile color, and really fun to play with. I haven't tried it with the red shatter that it comes with though. For some reason I'm feeling hesitant. It seems like a strange pairing...

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New York Color In a New York Minute Polish Flat Iron Green

Review by bekkbekk1985: Just to clarify - I wouldn't buy this again only because I am so capricious about colour that going through an entire bottle of nail polish, let alone buying a backup, is a ridiculous notion for me.
I have nothing to complain about for this. I've been lusting after NARS Zulu, but 16 is far too much for a nail polish. This is a different sort of green, more of a swampy yellow-based green than Zulu's rich forest tones, but it's blackened enough that it looks like a lush, rich dark green on the nail. It's very blackened, but I love it. Considering it costs less than an eighth of what Zulu costs, Flat Iron Green makes me a VERY happy camper!

Review by meeshmu: I guess I'm in the minority but I dislike this polish. I heard this is a dupe for Nars Zulu but it seems more yellow toned, which isn't flattering to me. What bothered me the most is the formula. At 2 coats it's still very thin and streaky, but it still looks green. It finally evens out at 3 coats but it looks black. I'm thinking of using this to franken with...maybe add a hint of a lighter green or maybe some clear to make it more jelly-like and less dark at 3 coats.

Review by kat_25: Greens are tough for me, but usually the darker the better. This one is an "almost black" creme, so I was optimistic. The formula is a bit thin, and took 3 coats to achieve the color in the bottle. It should be noted that this is an exact dupe of OPI "Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow"; it's considerably cheaper (1.99) and more easily available. The reason I took a lippie off was because it's not a "quick dry" polish no matter what the bottle says. Other than that I was pleased w/ this polish, and will definitely check out some of the other colors in this line.

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