3 effective lipsticks compare

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By Stella

3 effective lipsticks compare,let's see how good they really are!


NYX Round Lipstick in Celebrate

Review by labelslut: Celebrate is a warm red with bronze shimmer overlay. Pigmentation is very good as is staying power. It's a very nice, sexy lip color for warm complexions. It really brightens up the face.

Review by abrilio: Celebrate is a beautiful, less well-known reddish-brown lipstick shade with gold flecks from NYX. It has a bit of a bronzy sheen to it and is more red than brown. I find that it's perfect for nights out or when I want to look a little more dressed up. It's an extremely flattering shade on my light tan complexion. This is one of my favorite shades from the NYX Round lipstick line. Like other NYX Round lipsticks, it goes on smoothly and the formula is very creamy and moisturizing.

Review by pinkiiish: Normally I can't wear reds. I'm a pale-ish ash blond with warm skin tones. This is the exception, however! It's a great color for fall: a burnt red with very subtle gold lights (I wouldn't even call them sparkles). Lights up the face without looking vulgar. You can also tap some onto your cheeks for a natural-looking glow. I get complements all the time. With a little bronzer it's a very French look.

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Clinique Moisture sheer lipstick in honey red

Review by sjcsmall: First, the bad news- these slimline lipstick cases hold the tiniest amount of product. If this were my every day lipstick, I'd use a tube up in 6 weeks. Now, the good news, which could also be bad. This could EASILY be my every day lip color. It is just perfect. Sheer, shiny reddish pink-brown. Looks like my lips after making out. Very nice.

Review by Loriwong: Finally I have found a red lipstick I can wear and even apply without a mirror if I need to. It does wonders for me--brightens me right up and adds a little sophistication and sexiness that only a red lipstick can. Yet it is very sheer and moist, glossy, and is just the most perfect shade! Not pink, coral, purple, orange, gold, mauve, cherry, brown, just pure clean red. But subtle. Try this one!

Review by KateN: A red I can wear! It's difficult finding a red lipstick to suit my PPP warm-toned skin and strawberry blonde hair but this is a perfect muted warm-toned red.

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L'Oreal Color Riche Star Secrets - 714 Blush Scarlett

Review by bunnyrabbit: I purchased this last November when I was in Paris visiting with my super MUA friend Yeyette. Other reviewers have described the color quite well... it looks good on my medium-pink lips - sort of lightens them and adds a peachy-pink shimmer. It's also very moisturizing and has a gel-like texture. I don't think this is available in the US, but the color that is very close to it is Laetitia's blush (which I also have). It looks nearly the same, except one is pinker while the other is peacher.

Review by mworley00: I love this shade, although it is difficult to get hold of, I can't seem to find it in any of the drugstores neer me. I bought mine off the internet, also at a fraction of the price!
Scarlett is a beautiful pink, with def. peachy undertones but I have a cool toned skin and it still looks great. What I really like about it is the texture, it is very sheer and wearable. Most pinks I try are always opaque, this is a great daytime shade and I will stock up!

Review by Lola_Bear: The shade blush Scarlett #714 is a lovely natural light pink with silver shimmer. Great on those with not so pigmented lips. Would be gorgeous on a PPP, though most skintones would look pretty in this fleshy pale pink. Long lasting, with a gel like texture, it is subtle for evening and pretty for daytime wear I think I will repurchase should I ever run out.

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