3 effective lip glosss review

By Helen

3 effective lip glosss review,let's see how good they really are!


Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss in Brandi

Review by stephanie32082: i expected this to be really pigmented, but it isn't at all. it's actually very sheer, which is actually the reason i bought it.
i like it, but if you're looking for your lips to actually be the color it looks in the tube, continue your search.

Review by kat_25: This is a VERY sheer plum-berry shade w/ subtle shimmer. While the Candi shade plays up the natural pink in my pigmented lips, Brandi gives a slightly more rosy-red, "sophisticated" effect. As w/ all other shades of the [original] Buxom lip glosses, if you're looking for any kind of color payoff, these are NOT the glosses for you. I actually like that about the Buxom line, though. They aren't swatches of color on the mouth so much as lip-enhancing shades (However, I'd still be curious to see how opaque and vibrant the Full Color versions are). The formula itself smells a bit like butterscotch, gives a cooling effect rather than a tingly or burning one and has a respectable amount of shine. NC 30/35, BE Golden Medium, EM Golden Medium, Shiseido O40 Asian skintone.

Review by kitten75: The color is true to the package but I wasn't expecting so many sparkles. The gloss tingles so if you are not comfortable with a little sting, this may not be for you.

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Bonne Bell Lip Lites- Mocha Mousse

Review by Farra: This is surprisingly very pretty =) Good and cheap.

Review by roxiblue: I didn't buy this for the longest time 'cause of the ugly crap like color in the tube, but thanks to these reviews I went for it. And it is beautiful!! a mauvey neutral slightly pinky ylbb color, don't like the scent but the color is fantastic.

Review by gogoamy: The color is great- pinkish brown, a polished nude. I kind of dig the smell. But this gloss does not last At All on its own. Over a nude lip pencil, it's staying power is better.

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Bourjois Effet 3D Chair Veridic 14

Review by Erin: This is an enticing peachy shade that shows up as just a hint of colour, quite opaque as stated in the previous review.
I think this gives a lovely effect, sitting invitingly on the surface of the lips - ideal for wearing with a tan and slight shimmer or pared down face with strong eyes.
I wear this almost every day, but the staying power I have to say is pretty poor compared to eg Nars. Gorgeous shade though.

Review by minnielouse: This is a soft peach bubblegum pink perfect for summer or a pretty nude lip. I'm a LLL NC25 and this color looks pretty without washing me out. I love the formula of these glosses because they have staying power and lots of shine without feeling too thick. Will repurchase this color for sure because it goes with everything.

Review by runtagua: I love Bourjois's Effet 3-D lip glosses and this one is no exception. I wouldn't normally reach for a colour like Chair Veridic, because I like lots of shimmer, but evidently my mum knows me better than I know myself, as I'm absolutely thrilled with this part of my birthday gift! Chair Veridic is a lovely bubblegum pink that adds colour and a sheen to your lips without looking in the least overdone. What it lacks in shimmer, it makes up in shine and the results are very glossy, very pretty lips. On my dark MMM skin, Melon Pigment + any pink eye shadow + black kohl + Chair Veridic = a perfect combo! This gloss has inspired me to try all the other Effet 3-D products and shiny, non-shimmery glosses in general. Big thumbs up!

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