3 effective lip glosss brand

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By Vicky

3 effective lip glosss brand,let's see how good they really are!


Urban Decay Big Bang Lip Gunk

Review by cyndiinphilly: So far this is my favorite of the Urban Decay lip gunks in terms of the look and smell. However, it's my least in terms of how it feels on my lips. To me, the glitter is very gritty. However, it's all worth it because I LOVE this color. Worn by itself it turns my plummy-mauve lips into a delicious shade of deep candy pink, with a bit of sparkle. I like it because you can wear it with brighter eyeshadow and it looks attractive without being over-the-top.
EDIT: Forgot to add, I wear this a lot in conjunction with UD's e/s trio in "Haze". Both give you just the right amount of color to be cute and pretty. Lovelovelove it!

Review by abrilio: Out of the four lip gunks i've tried this is by far my favorite. Its bright pink in the tube but goes on a very sheer pink, its very glitter but you can't feel it. It has a lovely cinnamon taste and smell which I love, and it doesn't dry out my lips. I hate wearing nude/plain/sheer shades so when I don't want to draw to much attention to my lips I normally wear this.

Review by liselise1: This really isn't as harsh and instense as it appears in the tube, on me its a sheer medium pink color with slight blue glimmer. Pretty, but not sure if I'd buy it again.

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Chanel Whisper glossimer

Review by lmharte: Whisper is a very pretty, natural looking glossimer. It is a light shimmery nude. It looks very pretty by itself and is nice over other lipsticks. Very refined, pretty color!

Review by maribebe: My first Glossimer! I was looking for the perfect pale nude, neutral lip to wear with bolder eyes, and this Glossimer is it. It is a very pale, beige pink with some silvery overtones. My lips are moderately pigmented so the end effect isn't so pale that I look washed out. As I always heard, this gloss has great texture and staying power. The only thing that bothers me is that the gloss wells up out of the opening when I try to put the applicator back in. So much gloss is wasted!! I'm hoping this stops happening as the product gets used up.

Review by taskeeng: I have just discovered one of the best lip glosses out there. Chanel glossimer in Whisper is amazing. I know it is expensive, but it is worth it. It has a wonderful texture, the color is beautiful and it has great staying power. I have tried tons of lipglosses before, but none of the smoother textured lipglosses had much staying power. I stuck with MAC lipglass because it lasted for a while, but it is sooooo goopy. I definitely recommend this Chanel glossimers. And if you are looking for the PERFECT nude lip for the summer, try using clinique's nude lip crayon with Chanel Whisper over it. So pretty!!

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Sephora Sephora lip gloss pencil

Review by sleepyone: I purchased 05 and 06. 05 is a berry plum with nice shimmer. 05 is in the red family. I have to say I love the concept and it is an easy product to grab when you need a quick touch up. I love the colors and the eaze of application. It also looks super on application. The downside I feel is the staying power. I can't say it doesn't stay because it does, but I feel that it does not stay all over my lips in complete like when applied. It comes off in selected spots. I would have to say that it happens more or is more noticable with the 05 red shade and not as much with the 06 plum shade. I would purchase again, but if I were in a situation (important meeting/dinner engagememnt) where I really wanted my lips to have a lipgloss/color on them I would not choose this product. I would not want to worry about that or have someone looking at my lips because of lack of product in spots.

Review by shopgirl087: Brilliant. For those of us who like the look of lipgloss but hate the feeling of having Crisco slathered on our lips, Sephora has introduced a lipgloss pencil, which also works as a liner. It does exactly what it claims. I get the look of gloss, but it lasts longer and doesn't smudge and smear. The color I tried was a bit too bright for my taste, and there aren't many colors to choose from, but hopefully they will add more. Hats off for a great concept!

Review by Sybil84: i have this in the bronzed coral..very nice fast, smooth, great color annd shine. I hope they add more colors as well

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