3 effective hair products

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By Monica

3 effective hair products ,let's see how good they really are!


ABBA Instant Recall

Review by cperry: Very good for my fine curls, not crunchy at all, and it smells pretty darn good.

Review by Newme: I don't know if they make this any longer, but I did use this a while back (probably still have some) and I really liked it for my then permed hair. It works great on natural curls to. And I loved the smell. A good product to extend the life of your perm.

Review by suze9_8: Worked really well. I have long curly thick hair. It really helped with curl formation.

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Kerastase Sublimateur Jour

Review by Bethany09: Another winner from Kerastase. I love this after my hair has been dried, just before bed. Goodness without the heaviness. I find that using this and one of the thermiques, it doesn't really matter what shampoo/cond you use as these guys are the ones to protect the hair. Will always be faithful to Kerastase leave-ins. Pricey but worth it.
The loreal elvive royal jelly stuff is very similar in effect if you are on a budget.

Review by aml1: I WOULD buy this again, but my salon is always out of it! It makes my hair soft and silky even after spending a day in the ocean jet skiing. They stylist recommended Nectar Thermique to use until they get SJ in and she was right. That works just as well with the added benefit of thermal protection. I will keep using SJ however as it is really good at keeping my hair healthy and shiny, Love it!

Review by nina: I have been using Sublimateur Jour (SJ) for two years now and very happy about it. Recently, I started using it with Alterna Hemp Organics Repair Gloss for my roots and that has produced amazing results. Although I like SJ a lot, it is somewhat not very effective for split ends and does nothing about them, therefore I had to look for another leave-in to compliment this one. Otherwise, SJ is a good leave-in product that leaves my hair soft and shiny and ready to be ironed or curled. However, I do use a heat protector on top of the leave-ins. (maybe I am paranoid)

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Mastey Enove shampoo

Review by diachu21: Mastey shampoos are the best!! Ive tried almost every shampoo and this brand is th eabsolute best! I swear I get more split ends whenever I use other shampoos. Mastey is gentle yet effective.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I have used this on my fine, thin, oily hair for over 25 years, along with Mastey Frehair detangling rinse. It gets my hair and scalp clean without drying. Even when I colored my hair, it cleaned without stripping. Leaves my hair soft. Has a slight scent of fresh apple, which fades after rinsing so my hair never smells like cheap perfume.
In the last year it has become very difficult to find this product in the Midwest, and I have not yet found a good substitute.

Review by taskeeng: I LOVE this! I have sensitive skin and any irritating ingredients break me out. This shampoo is awesome! Cleans my hair, but doesn't dry my hair out. And I don't have to worry about my hair laying on my face, the ingredients are so gentle! They don't bother my skin at all! Great price too!!!

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