3 effective fragrance

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By Marcella

3 effective fragrance ,let's see how good they really are!


Bath and Body Works Crystal Blue Waters

Review by auth: BBW has a habit of discontinuing some of the best scents and keeping around the mediore ones. Crystal blue waters was and still is my favorite, and of course, they've discontinued it. It's a very pleasing, not overwhelming watery aroma with a pinch of tartness. It really does remind me of summer vacation and beaches. Wonderfully relaxing. If you're a fan like me, you can find some products on e-bay(prices do tend to do up though). You can also try calling BBW headquarters directly. They carry the lotion and splash if I recall correctly, but none of the body cream, which happens to be one of my favorite products. If you happen to find anything during one of their sales, grab it. You won't be disappointed!

Review by AutumnBliss: I hate Bath and Body Works for discontinuing this. It had the best smell, crisp, fresh, and relaxing. I had this in the lotion, bubble bath and the body spray and all of them when smelled puts a persons mind at ease. I am so mad this is discontinued, Grrrr.

Review by mashafromrussia: I never expected to like this so never even tried it at the store. Then one of my friends had the hand soap and after washing my hands I realized what a great scent this is. (0r was, now that they've discontinued yet another wonderful scent!) I love this one and have the whole set--it's just fresh, clean, and classy.

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Houbigant Chantilly

Review by Bonnie2842: Warm, musky, powdery with a bit of citrus and vanilla. Very innocent but yet sexy at the same time. Whenever I wear this I suddenly want to do my hair in victory rolls and wear a lace slip underneath my favorite polka dot dress, it definely evokes a nostalgic feeling!!

Yes, it may be an "old lady" scent but I don't care, my grandmother and great aunt both wore it and I admired them dearly. I think it all depends on your style, body chemistry and how you carry yourself. Some people just can't pull off the older scents but I find them more complex and they seem to blend with my body chemistry much better than the never fruity/gorumand scents that are so popular today.

Anyone who loves strong orientals or musk would most likely enjoy this as an option for a softer scent that isn't too sweet.

Review by Jennybear: I am 52 and pre-menopausal and I've had to replace perfumes I used to love with new ones due to the change in my body chemistry. When I was a teen and tried this perfume, I didn't like it because it had a chemical smell on me and never dried down to the powdery scent. I recently bought a bottle of Chantilly on a whim and tried it and love it. It's powdery on me now and I don't smell the chemical smell any more. Must be due to my body chemistry change. One word of caution though--- it's pretty strong, so use sparingly.

Review by jules2064: This review is for Chantilly parfum, which is divine. powdery, ambery,
sandalwood floral classic. A perfect balance, rather dressy. ... I cut Chantilly
bath powder with a high proportion of baby powder and this gives me just
the right scent as well as makes the mix very cost effective, a perfect
complement to Chantilly parfum.

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L'Occitane L'Occitan Eau de Toilette Pour Homme

Review by London84: I purchased this because I liked how it smelled on a female co-worker of mine. She had received other compliments on the fragrace from other women also. I like that is smelled fresh and soft with lavender notes The top note is very peppery then it dries down soft.
She gave me her last bit in the bottle and I feel like I like her bottle better even though it is the same stuff. Maybe it ages well. Still really like it though. It is subtle but beautiful. My Husband doesnt care for it on him. I had a hard time smelling it on him-too soft.

Review by misswillow: i buy the deo in this scent for myself cos the deo for women is out of stock. The first time i used the deo, i adore this scent immediately and then i went back to the center to buy the perfume, although i knew it's the men fragrans but no problem it works for me.

Review by laurilauri: This is a gorgeous, quality-smelling fragrance. I've bought it as a gift for my dad, my brother and my boyfriend and everyone loves it. It smells clean and soothing because of the lavender, but also masculine and woody.
Price isn't bad compared to designer fragrances, and it comes in a nice brown tinted glass bottle.

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