3 effective eyeshadows brand

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By Sara

3 effective eyeshadows brand,let's see how good they really are!


MAC Whim (Rococo)

Review by runty: This is definitely my favorite shadow to date. I use it all the time. Apply it dry for a nice day look and wet for a more dramatic evening look. I've mixed it with Swish and Steamy before and they both turned out really pretty. I think for 15, it's a great deal considering you get so much more than the normal ones. I'm definitely gonna go get myself another one since it's only going to be out for a limited time!

Review by Olive143: I found this to be a darker purple, more of a grape colour that has blue tones to it. I have to use this one carefully as it can make my eyes look bruised against my pale skin. Of the three Rococo eyeshadows I got (Whim, Tres Teal, and Little Madam) this is the one I'm considering taking back. Like the other shadows in this collection it can be used dry for a more sheer application or wet for a more intense look. This colours redeeming feature is that it's really quite beautiful when it's wet and the blue comes out as it flashes.

Review by oopsygirl: I'd say this is a nice lavender-silver on me. It shows up pretty light and looks nice as a wash, but doesn't satisfy as a liner. Great texture though!

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Urban Decay Chronic - Matte

Review by i_darling: I got this against my better judgement...I generally was anti-matte until pretty recently, but there's a time and a place...in any case, this is the PERFECT jade green. And it's not really matte-matte...it has tiny green microshimmer if you look close at the pan. I think that helps it look more complex than just a flat green. I love this and will wear it often. I don't think I'll use it wet though, b/c the tester at Sephora was hard as a rock b/c someone probably wet it. I'd use the mattes dry only just as a precaution. It's extremely well pigmented anyway, better than any old MAC I've ever seen. Love the gold token container too (never depotted my UDs for this reason). Two thumbs up! MMM/NC35/Oily

Review by belladoggie00: This eyeshadow is fab, the texture is soooooo smooth it actually made me double check it as I thought id gotten a cream eyeshadow instead! Its lovely, very pigmented and easily blendable. Perfect green colour - only downside is it fades super quick if you dont apply a good primer / base below, but when applied over primer / base it lasts - would recommend this shade to anyone and would repurchase. Prefer these over the matte2 by Mac and thats saying something cuz I really do like those too!

Review by fitnessa: It's matte, but it's highly pigmented so you'd only need a little to apply. It can be layered for a very bright green eye...it's extremely awesome looking. The consistency is so silky. UD's matte shadows are all silky and highly pigmented. Think of this as a spring grass green.

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Too Faced Candy Bars Eye Shadow - Tropical Truffle

Review by nishie: I just love it.
I use it both in my eyes and cheeks.
The shades are wearable both for summer and winter.
They have a nice staying power about 4-5 hours before they start fading.

Review by minnielouse: I have almost all of these and really like them but this one is a little too warm. This quad comes with four shadows. a pink rose color with gold shimmer, a warm dark brown with gold glitter, a light lavender and a warm medium peach. the pink gets a little too reddish around my eyes, making me look tired and the peach gets a little too orange making me look tired. the brown is so dark and the glitter doesnt show up. i dont like the quad together at all. the quality is excellent though, very soft and pigmented. just all together too warm. retails for 25.

Review by leeyao: I wouldn't have bought this for it's original price, not because the quality stinks, because it's great. These shadows are both pigmenetd and soft, but because the colors aren't the greatest for me in particular I guess. They don't do a whole bunch for my eyes.
I believe this was no more than 5 bux at TJ Maxx (this color was DCnd). I have another of these in the color Sugar Plum, and it smells very much like roses, but Tropical Truffle doesn't which I guess could be a plus for some people. :o ) I much prefer Sugar Plum because of it's ability to be used as a blush. :o )

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