3 effective eyeshadow reviews

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By Tifanny

3 effective eyeshadow reviews,let's see how good they really are!


Fresh Eye Shadow

Review by belladoggie00: I also Love Fresh eyeshadows. Truly worth the money and such beautiful colours. The best I've come across.

Review by oneofmylies99: I have six of these eyeshadows. They all seem a bit course and too dry in texture. I like a silky eyeshadow like Stila or some by Urban Decay. Fresh was more like cheap drugstore eyeshadow. The other thing that really bugs me about these eyeshadows is that the color does not stay true at all. Shortly after they are applied the color completely changes, mostly they get darker and more brownish, orangish or grayish looking (depending on the original color). Would not repurchase.

Review by kerroppifreak: I am wearing Cote D'Ivoire today. It is a plummy color with a hint of brown and it's wonderful. Understated and gives just the right emphasis to my brown eyes. This is my first experience with Fresh's eyeshadows and I'm very, very impressed. It has good pigmentation (just a few light swipes with my e/s brush is enough) and so silky it puts other eyeshadows to shame! I had bought a similar color from Ulta, hoping to get the effect I got from Fresh's Cote D'Ivoire, but the two is like night and day. If you've not used high-end eye shadows, you will be amazed at how soft and silky this product is. It is so velvety that when I use my brush to apply, I can't feel it going on ... not the slightest detectable texture or grittiness (if that makes any sense!) Fresh's eyeshadows will spoil you for anything else.

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L'Oreal Wear Infinite-Classic Khakis duo

Review by misswillow: The darker shade is a nice neutral for me, slightly grayish green/brown. The only downfall is that the shadow does not last long, but it's good for running errands, going to the store, etc. Nothing flashy, a good daytime netural and the price is right at 4.

Review by stephanie32082: This is a really nice, neutral color and isn't too much on the eyes!!!

Review by zhenya: Got this for only 1.50!! Love the colors, they go on nicely and don't crease.

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NYX Trio 8 Spring Leaf - Lime Green - Green Tea

Review by dastac: As w/the other NYX trios I have tried the quality of these eye shadows is excellent. Their texture is soft and easy to blend. They are well pigmented and the colors are vibrant. These greens are lovely. I especially like this trio b/c all these greens can be used together so you have all of your e/s for the day in one palette. I have difficulty w/color descriptions so I suggest if you want a better idea of the colors you check the swatches on the NYX website. IMO the overall quality of these eye shadows is equal to or greater than MAC.

Review by kitten75: I purchased this trio awhile ago and I never really reached for this. I decided to use this trio today and I LOVE it! I have brown hair/eyes and cool/neutral medium skin. This trio really complements my eyes and I find it has very good pigmentation and blends well. I used the lime green on the lid just up to the crease, blended in the spring leaf in the outer end of the crease and a little into the lime green. I used the green tea on the inner portion of the crease. I applied a random shimmery white highlight on the brow bone and inner tear duct area and blended into the green tea for a brightening effect. For me, NYX's trio's are hit or miss but because they are so inexpensive and overall good quality, I enjoy buying them.

Review by Ellz: These colors are gorgeous on cool skin like myself. All of the colors look stunning together. I love the green tea color especially. Makes my green eyes pop!

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