3 effective body lotions review

By Marcella

3 effective body lotions review,let's see how good they really are!


Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials Fast Absorbing Lotion

Review by moth: OH my love for this lotion. I have really dry skin, especially in the colder months. Growing up I would have really bad eczema, and whole its not as big an issue now, I've never found a lotion that does the things this lotion does! It's extremely easy to slather on, and it does absorb quickly. But the best part is how SOFT my skin is once it dries. My skin has never felt this soft and smooth, I love touching my legs and arms. My thigh area was always the driest and they are soft! Another thing, my skin just looks more hydrated. I got a 33.3 fl oz of this for 12.99 at Costco, such a great deal. If you suffer from really dry skin, TRY this lotion!

Review by Cordelia: i dont like this! I just applied this lotion and i started feeling a itching and burning rash on my arms and legs(i am NOT allergic to anything). and i have had this happen several times. i disagree that this is fast absorbing with me it feels like it just sits on top of my skin and it doesn't help dry skin! PLUS dont foget the smell! it smells disgusting!. but thats just me everyones different and some people may like this product but i dont.

Review by kimberpoo: I absolutely love this product. I have used many of the store bought lotions and many are either too light (not hydrating enough) or too heavy/greasy. Before I started using this lotion, my calves were really dry and scaly, I tried many lotions but it never healed the scaly/crack in my calves. After using it, in about two or three weeks, it completely healed. Plus, it gives my skin a natural glow, or shine, but doesnt look oily, greasy. For a product that is fast absorbing, it hydrates pretty well. I live in Houston, TX so there's alot of humidity, I dont need any additional greasy, slow-absorbing lotions. I would definitely recommend this product!!!!!

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Santa Maria Novella Almond Hand Cream

Review by Jaie: Yes! You will have velvet hands! This cream (one of SMN's antique recipes) is absolutely amazing!!!

Review by sleepyone: In a word--remarkable. This is without question the best hand cream that I've ever used. This luxurious pale brown paste absorbs instantly, leaving my hands so silky-smooth that I can't stop touching them. It also leaves behind no greasy residue, just the barest hint of a delicious almond fragrance. To my mind, this cream is far superior to the L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream, which I have been using until now. It's very expensive--retails for 35 on eLuxury--but this would make a chic and indulgent gift for someone near and dear to you. The next time I go back to Italy, I intend to buy a case.

Review by maribebe: Can't say how much I love this handcream. I purchased this for the first time in Florence a few years ago and completely fell in love. The last time I was there, I bought 12 so that I wouldn't run out for a long time. Excellent texture...just can't be duplicated. Absolutely no greasiness.
Lovely, lovely.

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mark Do the Right Thing Smoothing Body Lotion SPF 15

Review by ZoSo: I received this product as part of a BzzAgent campaign, and even though it was free I have virtually nothing good to say about it. It smells like sunscreen, not the lush cocoa butter smell I expected from the front label. It's not particularly moisturizing, and the packaging is extremely cheap looking and feeling.
Despite all the fair trade talk most of the ingredients are the same as any other drugstore lotion. There's also a lot of debate (among economists) as to whether fair trade is even a good concept in the long run.
Considering the product and the price tag, I would never purchase these.

Review by shopgirl087: Light weight + SPF 15 + no smell/faint smell (i can detect it) + doesnt burn after shaving + absorbs quickly, doesnt make my legs sticky in the sun unlike other body lotions + fair trade harvested cocoa butter + convenient to use = Good stuff. I used a sample, I will be buying the full size when I run out of my usual stuff.

Review by vengland: Fabulous new product. Very faint scent, so you can spray your perfume over it and not have a battle between your lotion and your perfume. It also has SPF! The best part is that it uses fair trade products, so you're making a difference while treating yourself to a great new lotion.

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