3 effective blushs

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By Sara

3 effective blushs ,let's see how good they really are!


Clinique Blushing Blush Smoldering Plum

Review by blueaygi: I also got this is in a GWP pallate w/ the eyeshadow combo 'Like Mink'. I've had the pallate for over 6 months and I never even thought to try this blush because it looked too pink for my light brown complexion. One day after I ran out of Loreal True Match blush (in spiced plum I think) I decided to give it a try - it actually works for me surprisingly. I have to use a couple of swipes otherwise it won't show, but it's actually a nice color. I'm not sure I'm sold on the staying power though, as w/ almost all makeup, it fades throughout the day...it ends up disappearing on me because my skintone is dark anyway. Would possibly repurchase (although my sample will probably last a good while!).

Review by OutofControl: Excellent blush. It looks really purple in the container, but when applied it looks more pink. The pigment is great, but totally not overbearing. Shimmer is barely noticeable. Because I've been a loyal NARS Orgasm fan, I will make a comparison with it- Smoldering Plum is like a cool-toned version of NARS Orgasm. That great!

Review by hersheyb: Plum is the hot blush color right now according to magazines. I figured I totally couldn't pull it off especially seeing as I don't really use blush. Boy was I wrong! This is totally gorgeous. Instead of the usual spring pink blush, this is a sexy sort of flush. Nothing cute about it! It's nice and easy to apply. In order to get a lot of color you have to layer it, so it's hard to apply too much. I really like this!

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Lancome Blush Subtil Sheer - Sheer Peach Organza

Review by tetrakis: Very pretty pinky-peach color. This is the color I was hoping NARS Orgasm would be, but wasn't. Sheer Peach Organza is a soft, matte (no shimmer at all), innocent pink-peach color that looks like a natural soft flush of color on my light PPP skin. Very, very pretty. Perfect balance of pink and peach. Yes, I would definitely purchase again. :)

Review by lizbert: Very nice pure warm peach. It looks dark in the pan, but really goes on lovely. If I do wear it, however, I need to be sure that I am completely foundationed and powdered (I have very pink cheeks, so they have to be gone gone gone or I cannot wear anything peachy), and I am wearing warm colours on my eyes and lips for this to work, which is why I bought it anyway! It is not my HG and I don't reach for it often (NARS Deep Throat is by far my everyday blush) but for a bit of a change, it is my only peach blush. No smell, nice texture. Good product, good shade. I only said that I wouldn't repurchase because this one will probably last me a very long time.

Review by cyndiinphilly: I have fair-light skin (not pale) and I was having trouble finding a peach blush that isn't too pinky or too orangey on me. (I have enough warm-toned pink blushes- I want peach!) Peachykeen, a, true peach blush, according to MAC's website, was too orange. But Sheer Peach Organza has been perfect. I use my Nars Yachiyo brush for this and it looks just like what I was hoping for- a peach glow but without shimmer. Not pink, not orange. I wear this w/ Sonia Kashuk's lipstick in Peach Blossom or Chanel's Genuis lippie and I feel fresh and peachy. (Try these lippies if you have find that peach lippies look more pink than peach on you, another problem I have.)
Anyway, those of you who have trouble finding a good peach powder blush, give this one a try. The GWP sizes are often on ebay for a very reasonable price and come with a shimmery coral shade called Coral Shimmer.

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Bourjois Lune D'or

Review by wunverdoll: This is a wonderful all purpose blush I use when I've yet to decide what I'm putting on my lips and lids because I know it's neutral enough to go with juat about anything. This imparts a shimmering sheer champagne flush that when layered makes a dreamy bronzer for a PPP who doesn't want that gross orange look. Great in summer and very classy as well.

Review by kimmie578: I adore this blush. I decided to get it after seeing in on a friend of mine and read the rave reviews at make up alley. It gives the prettiest, most delicate glow on my face. It's peachy pink with very fine gold shimmer. It has more pink in it than orgasm. I prefer this to Nars orgasm, which used to be my fave. I don't look like I'm wearing blush with this, just look as if I've just exercised or gone to the beach. Nice price too (compared with orgasm).

Review by joheinous: I LOVE THIS!
first i love the packaging. it was tiny and cute :)
it was light not messy at all.
the shade is actually sheer n shimmery, but it was buildable despite of the fact that if u put more on ur skin, the shade doesnt improved much. only the shimmer does.
but it really gives me a fresh n glowy natural look.
the scent was nice.
beside all the shimmer and the scent and the compact it doesnt break me out. it always a plus :)

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