3 effective blush compare

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By Sara

3 effective blush compare,let's see how good they really are!


Versace Glam Touch Blush

Review by oopsygirl: I admit that I love this package. And generally talking the package is really important to me too because I want to have a little luxury to my life. Why is that bad? I would not buy this product again if it was not good. And this is also a very good product. It is not fragranced and it is so soft and easy to apply. I have shade 2062. It is a warm bronzed shade and I dont think it is just as great on my NC 20 skin as Chanel Mystery. I would not use it as a blush but rather as a bronzer. It only works for me on the summertime and that is why I only give 4. However, next time when I run out of blushers I will check out Versace.
EDIT: My HG high end blusher is Chanel joues contraste and I doubt I will splurge to anything else but that anymore.

Review by kitkat85: V2072-M is my new color for Spring '04. Diva pink color gives my NC 30 complexion a rosey flushed glow when swipped on lightly. The m/a suggested it for me as a true pink to wear with Chanel Erotic lip gloss, Lancome Bluberry Artliner and V2060-0 eyeshadow as a wash. Then she corrected my eyebrow color with a V2000 eyebrow pencil. The one I had on had too much green in it for my blond coloring. Wow! The look really worked for me. Nice fresh spring look that was still wearable for day time. Bright and clear but not clown like.

Review by jenss79: I love love this product
I got da orange one, and bought it from Harrods sale, costed me less than 12 pounds or so.
but i have the pink colour too, only for 7 pound....
I love this blush, the orange shade is so much better than Nars Orgasm
and with the most elegant packagine i have ever seen
Everytime I take them out, friends just want to have my Versace compact
the affect is brilliant, orange shade wif a little glittering affect
just one, one little splash...wow, you'd see the most amazing affect
anyway, definitly my best blush ever, i have been using benefit, Nars, Stila....etc
nothing as good
and it is such a shame for us now, as Versace is no longer producing cosmetics...
haha, daz why i stock three of them

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Bobbi Brown Cream Blush Stick Desert Rose

Review by bebejacket: Well, this blush is okay... the colour doesnt show up too well against my asian skin... kinda overrated really.

Review by bastet: This is my first cream blush and I am so happy with it! It is a delicate pinkish shade with just enough brown to tone it down a bit. The texture is so creamy and easy to apply. I am a PPP with dark brown hair and eyes and it is very natural looking on me, but I think it may be a bit too light for those with a darker skin tone.

Review by Leelee57: Finally, I've found my HG blush!the formula and the color are goof-proof; this stuff is hard to screw up. will definietly buy this again even though it is butt-expensive.

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Rocket City Hali Bop blush - Lunar Love

Review by ooliedonna: It is indeed a peachy pink with gold shimmers, and I agree that it's on the pinker side. Orgasm for some reason did not look good on me, but this one gives me such a polished flush look. The packaging is so small and cute, it's such a treat in itself just to hold it in my hands. The puff that comes with it is useless, but that is minor detail (since I assume everyone here has a blush brush). I really love this one!

Review by Lola_Bear: This is sooooo pretty!I love the shade and the slight shimmer.I may be losing my mind,but it seems like everytime I wear this blush and then wash it off at night,that the acne on my cheeks has kind of cleared a bit...

Review by redheadjane: Love this shade. looks almost like nars orgasm but with a pinch more pink than peach. totally awesome blush shades and last all day.

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