3 easy to use nail polish review

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By Christina

3 easy to use nail polish review,let's see how good they really are!


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Midnight in NY

Review by suze9_8: I've never been a big fan of Sally Hansen nail polishes, and this particular line is no exception. First of all the Complete Salon is way too pricey. Sally Hansen polishes tend to become thickened in the bottle just after a few uses. I absolutely hate the new brush. It's way to wide for my nails and absorbs way too much polish. Plus if you look closely the bristles aren't cut evenly. The biggest problem I've always had with this brand is the drying time. You better set aside at least half an hour to let the nails set enough to go on about your business. Oddly enough I have better results with the much cheaper Wet-N-Wild polishes. They also have a much better selection of colors.

Review by liselise1: I really wanted to love this nail polish, but it's just not what I hoped for. I was really hoping that the glitter in it would be more noticeable; nothing flamboyant, but even in strong sunlight this glitter is very subtle. The formula is very good; totally opaque in two coats, dries quickly, etc. The brush is a love/hate thing for a lot of people, but I quite like it. It's not a bad polish, just not what I was looking for. Thankfully WnW "blackmail" is exactly what I wanted, so if you're looking for something where the glitter is a bit bolder you might want to check it out.

Review by maribebe: This is a black cream polish with loads of multicolored glitter suspended in it. It is opaque in two coats. I have tried this with and without a base/top coat, and it lasted the same amount of time either way. Because it is part of the Complete Salon Manicure line, one should not have to use a base coat or top coat with it. The glitter shows through better, though, if I use a shiny top coat. It lasts about four days on my nails with no signs of wear, and on the fifth day I'll start to get tip-wear, etc. The only thing I dislike about this is the shape of the bottle: I much preferred the old Complete Salon Manicure bottles that were square. The new ones are just an awkward shape. This polish is gorgeous, and I will definitely repurchase it.

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OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight

Review by roxiblue: I love this colour! It looks so good against my pale skin. As with all OPI, application is smooth and streak free. I would describe the colour as a deep cool purple with a slight shimmer- very vampy and classy. Would buy again!

Review by ooliedonna: Lincoln Park After Dark's slightly lighter and more purple cousin, Lincoln Park at Midnight is a vampy deep purple. I find the colour doesn't go on as smoothly as LPAD (it can look a bit streaky if I'm not really careful with the application) and it chips easier than LPAD. It could be I just have a bad batch, as OPI polishes don't normally have this problem, but despite this it is a gorgeous, sophisticated shade. Looks best on short nails.

Review by belladoggie00: Okay, I have 20 OPI polishes, and this is my NUMBER ONE favorite! I usually only wear it in the winter. It's a BEAUTIFUL dark dark purple with tiny silver shimmers. I love it!!!! If your debating on getting it and you want a dark colour... GO get it!!

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OPI William Tell Me About OPI

Review by bebejacket: I love OPI and eventhough there are many good brands come along like RBL, Butter London and Deborah Lippmann, i still buy many OPI colors and never tired of searching for new colors from this brand and this is my latest found which is a dark vampy aubergine color, i put it side by side with OPI Lincoln Park and they are almost similar with this one to be slightly reddish, this is actually more similar to Essie Velvet Velour while OPI Lincoln Park is close to RBL Film Noir and Deborah Lippmann Dark Side Of The Moon, fast dry, very shiny with two coats without topcoat and mine last for 12 days without cheaping at all, the 12th day was the day i took the color off and still no chipping, not sure i got a very good batch or what..

Review by Jennybear: This is a very dark purple brown color, comes out alot darker in real life than in the bottle. Looks black in most lights. Still very nice, it's a creme with very high shine.
I started out buying this as a replacement for OPI We'll Always Have Paris. It's not at all similar, this is darker.
Formula is great, as always. Won't buy again.

Review by LuiLui: The colour is confusing. I bought it thinking it was a purple colour but when I put it on my nails it's actually a dark red. Beautiful colour, so I was really happy to have bought it.

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