3 easy to use mascara

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By Monica

3 easy to use mascara ,let's see how good they really are!


L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes - waterproof

Review by shelby1123: This is a great drugstore mascara! It does a great job of lengthening and adding volume with very little clumping. My lashes were soft and kept their curl all day long. Also it is unbelievably resilient and has lasted through crying, swimming, and working out. You do need to make sure you use a decent eye-makeup remover, though. I used to love Almay oil-free but since using this mascara I've switched to Neutrogena.

Review by island_honey: As with most L'Oreal mascaras, I love it!! Very waterproof, non-clumpy lengthening and volumizing--good price too--what's not to love? A++!

Review by mworley00: I bought the regular version of this at first in Carbon Black. It gave me a lovely deep color and relatively well-defined lashes. I switched to the waterproof when I ended up with smudges under my eye after day one. I have been using the waterproof for about a week now, and it's...okay. It's not great. The brush is a little spiky for me, and I'm one of those people that sets the mascara down at the lashline and squiggle it up. This irritates my lashline when I do that and so it's got one minus point already for that. It doesn't volumize as well as my previous mascara did, but does give lovely length. It picks up every lash and defines it very well. THis is probably a good mascara for most people who are looking for longer, defined and not too voluminous lashes. I prefer a more robust look, and this formula is a little to wet to achieve the feathery look I prefer.

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Shiseido majolica majorca lash expander

Review by diachu21: this mascara has the best staying power ihave ever encountered, which can be a good thing for many people, but for me, im pretty sure i scrubbed out a few of my own lashes trying to get this out :( and i was using an oil based remover as well...
as for length and volume, this product pretty much sucks. you have try to wipe off that excess fibre and mascara from the applicator before you apply otherwise you have waterproof prickly fibres stuck in your eyes for eternity :( this product is no good for me. the only thing its got going for itself is the staying power.

Review by cyndiinphilly: first and formost, i ADORE the packaging. its super cutee and lacyy but its black so it maintains a sophisticated look. the wand is kind of weird but one yu start working with itt its amazing aat legnthinging and volumiing because the product gets between each spikee but the spoikes arent rlly close. The formulaa is amazing, it legnthens and separated and volumizes my lashes. I use it for the beach or for workout or even jsut school becausee it doesnt flake. shuare, its harder to take off even compared to lash blast but if you use an oil based formula and try washing it off twice then you should be fine. and remember to not rubb yur lashes or they WILLL fall off. :) other than that, YESS I RECOMMEND THIS COMPLETELY :D

Review by coolRED: love it! best mascara i own better than ysl faux cils hmmm i'll say yeah that clumped after a while
it's cheap, pretty packaging, easy to use kind of , well once you get the hang of the comb anyway if you normally use combs then yeah you'll be fine i'm used to big brushes (bad gal lash) so this is a change a great one though
It is a pain to take off though, water is not working i don't know what you'd use to get this off to be honest

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Merle Norman Creamy Flo-Matic Mascara

Review by nemomemo: My favorite mascara. Highly underated. This is a creamy mascara that is fiber free. Great for those who like more length than volume. I love that it never flakes off even after a Sunday afternoon nap, it stays on until I remove it at night. The packaging is old school but it's what's inside that really matters. It cost 15 to 19 and last me 3 mos, using once per day. I have purchase countless times and will continue to do so. You can only purchase at a Merle Norman studio however they do have a nice return policy.

Review by angelchan: This is one really bad product. Paid over 16 and it dried up almost immediately. This is not the first time this has happened to me with MN mascaras. You can get drugstore ones for a lot less that perform better than this:(

Review by maribebe: This is the best mascara ever. It separates, lengthens, curls, easy to take off, does not flake or clump...what's not to love? I have this in 'Night Navy'.

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