3 easy to use makeup brushes

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By Monica

3 easy to use makeup brushes ,let's see how good they really are!


Bath and Body Works Eye Shadow Brush

Review by Jessimau: I love this brush! The bristles are great! Its also a little firm so it makes applying e/s much easier. The head of the brush is small but not too small so you can get precision application.

Review by Keva: I think that those brushes are discontinued by now, but I had an apportunity to pick few of them recently at their summer sale. They were cheap to start with but at 75% off I ended up paying just 1.38/brush so now I have 8 of them :) . I think those are quite good brushes, although I use mine more often to apply cream products like e/s base than the actual e/s. overall, I don't regret buying them.

Review by lizbert: great cheap, dome brush, excellent for all over shading and the like, it's great, and easy to clean and only 6 bucks!

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Bare Escentuals Feather LIght Brush

Review by runty: I also love this brush! I've been looking for a dupe for MAC's 187 brush for ages, and this is definitely it - it gives a smooth, airbrushed coverage with liquid foundation, buffs in cream foundation nicely, and applies powder very well. I'd definitely buy it again!

The price is also much better than MAC's - I bought mine on eBay on £5! Well worth it.

Review by YolandaMC: I used to love this brush, but after washing, it has never been the same. This is probably my least favorite BE brush, next to the Kabuki (I think it smells bad and the hairs come off on my face). I bought the Fan brush to replace this one and I like it much better.

Review by Elixir: I don't really use BE products in general, but I swapped for this brush because I have a thing for duo-fiber stippling brushes. The more I use it, the more I like it! The shorter handle is awesome, the head is just dense enough. I love to use this brush with my MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation, I just pump out one dollop on the back of my hand and use the brush to stipple all over my face and then buff. Perfect foundation application in under 2 mins!
I'd also image this to be great for blush, but I haven't used this particular brush, as I use the 188 currently.

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MAC #213 Shader Brush

Review by Viognier: I recommend this for buying it as one of your first MAC brushes. This brush is sooo simple and multiple to use! I like the tip of it cause it it is oval and not flat (as the 239 brush), so I use it for crease work and for under the brows to. I gave a 2 for the price because it's not expensive for a MAC brush.
I have quite small eyes and this brush is perfect for them! I have never been so positive about any other eyeshadow brush before! Love, love, love it!!!

Review by kimmie578: This works fantastic as a crease brush, or for general application to the lid. Very soft, and so slick looking, like all MAC brushes. This had does not shed, and holds up to numerous washings. I would buy this again!

Review by francesca39: I got this as part of the Royal Assets Smokey Eyes palette for Xmas. It's the 213SE. I had the 213 on my list, but since my experience with M.A.C. brushes began on Xmas day, I had no idea how much I'd love this brush. I want the full-size one now. The bristles are dense and soft, and great for picking up a good amount of shadow/pigment. It blends well and is overall just a fabulous brush. I now have a new addiction. *sigh* Will definitely purchase more M.A.C. brushes.

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