3 easy to use lip productss

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By Vicky

3 easy to use lip productss ,let's see how good they really are!


Bare Escentuals Quick Stick in Escentual Spice

Review by pulidobl: The quick sticks are a lipstick/lipliner duo from Bare Escentuals. Its a retractable chubby pencil that is soft enough for lipliner or lipstick. It also has a sharpener built in on the other end. Spice is a pretty shimmery light pink color. A little light for my pigmented lips but still pretty. Retails for 14. I dont find these as moisturizing as a lipstick but its still a convenient pencil duo.

Review by dlbd2k06: I have a Quick Stick in Fig. I use it as a lipliner and then fill in the majority of the lip. I think you more or less have to top these off with a glass (I personally love "Gossip".) Alone they're a little flat...but with a gloss, very nice look. Good for work or going out.

Review by Bethany09: Convenience at Last! I love the sharpener on the end because it allows me to line more precisely when I choose and sharpen on the go. I used to keep a sharpener in my car or bag and it would always end up getting spilled. I can't afford to get lipstick on my clothes or car because I save money with a wood-clench pencil. Think smart-the color choices are pretty warm, I prefer the apricot for summer. I am hoping they will increase the shade range because the compact package and performance are great. It does not feel too dry on the lip and lasts several hours. Why use two products when you can line and fill the lip with one?

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Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Impérial 73

Review by lizbert: I like this colour. Since it's a liquid lipstick, it's extremely pigmented yet moisturising. Unlike other Chanel lip products, the applicator that comes with it may not be the best. I dap three or four dots on my upper and lower lip respectively and then spread them nicely on my lips with a lip brush.
I enjoy this colour very much. To me it's more for night because of the intensity, or I am just in a very good mood one morning.

Review by Suzy_h: I'm not that enamoured of this product. Much of it has to do with the shade, which on me turns a very cool purplish brown. I can make it work, but with significant difficulty and frankly, I just can't be bothered. I don't seem to be able to jump on the Rouge Allure Laque bandwagon (that sounds ridiculous). They just look so... creamy, which I actually find a bit off-putting. I prefer my lip colour to look like 'pigment', not a thick lip cream. I do have some shades I really love, Coromandel, Dragon and Mandarin, but this shade just isn't unusual enough for me to keep. I will be passing it on to someone else.
South Indian, DDD/GGG, MAC NC45-50, Bobbi Brown Golden, oily skin

Review by sjcsmall: Imperial is a beautiful plummy muted red, a perfect MLBB for deeper skintones that I unfortunately exchanged due to its uneven application. Inspired by all the rave reviews for the Laque formula I splurged on three, and all three I couldn't get to apply evenly on my lips for anything. Even after exfoliating and moisturizing my lips the color would travel, and wouldn't cling to my inner lip area for anything. I have pigmented lips so a bright pink ring around my inner lips = no deal. I exchanged them for Rouge Allures.
NC44/Nars Tahoe for reference.

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Smashbox Bombshell Lip Gloss

Review by tippygirl: this is a beautiful baby pink/ mauvey ylbb color! by looking at the color in the tube, i'd never guess it would look so subtle and sheer. it looks like a medium raspberry color in the tube. it's a great spring color.

Review by cgosyne: At first I was very disappointed with this color because it looked too muddy on my super super pale face...WELL, after some persistent self tanning, this color now looks amazing! It truly does go with every make up look. I love that it has no sparkle or shimmer. It looks great with just about every shade of purple eye shadow and also looks great with a bronzy gold face! Love it! My favorite color is BEAUTY, a sheer melon color, which was only available in the tiny tubes that came with sets...but NOW it is available as one of the new "lip enhancing glosses." Bombshell and Beauty are all I need this Summer!

Review by Lola_Bear: normally I have a lot of trouble finding lip glosses; in some lighting they look nice on me, but on most they just make my lips look muddy. but, this lip gloss doesn't do that to me. it is a pretty nude color with no shimmers that does not feel sticky on my lips and it stays on for a while. it goes well with everything and I think also with most skin tones. also, i always put on chap stick before wearing it. would definitely repurchase this product!

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