3 easy to use lip glosss compare

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By Helen

3 easy to use lip glosss compare,let's see how good they really are!


Giorgio Armani shine lip gloss 2

Review by pinktulip: Being Armani, I thought this would be as great as their other products, but it was quite mediocre IMHO. The gloss is similar to MAC's and while it looks nice over lipstick or lip stain, I wouldn't wear it by itself. The packaging's also a bit clunky - I would prefer a smaller tube for a cheaper price.

Review by cweiss: Normally I prefer silver to gold, but this is a non-scary gold. It actually looks quite silvery in its tube and when initially squeezed out. However, it adds serious depth and warmth to any lipcolor. The texture is fabulous and easy to mix with a regular gloss, layer on top of lipstick, or wear by itself. Combined with the silver it makes for a very metallic nude look.

Review by srobinb: This looks scary white in the tube, but is beautiful once applied. It is a light shimmery golden-opal colour, just gorgeous. Really brightens up your face.

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Bath and Body Works Lip Balm

Review by bekkbekk1985: I love almost all of these! I have tried and LOVE the red ripe current, the mixed berry, raspberry plum, sparkling melon, vanilla, and the tropical american girl. i liked them all but the tropical one- it was a lil "placticy" but the regular BBW ones (not american girl) are all smooth, slick, creamy, and go one clear but with shine. and they taste amazing! blows bonne bell (my old HG) right outta the water!

Review by laurilauri: I like this lip balm. I have it in sparking melon. Its in the tube. I think it's a pretty good lip balm for 3.50. I also loved the smell.It smelled just like bubble gum.

Review by moth: mixed berry, peach mango
pros: ok smell, lasts long, has spf 15, cute tubes

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Christian Dior Diorkiss - 318 - Praline

Review by staci01: Great sheen

Great color

Smells and taste - just like pralines!
Lasts pretty well for a lip gloss. However, it's more like a nude brown than a true nude/neutral. It's got a lot of warmth in it, so it's not a nude that can be warn with any eye color (which is what a nude is supposed to be)... It wears nicely with creamy browns on the eyes, but it's not neutral enough to wear with really colorful or cool eyeshadows - maybe if it were two shades lighter with less warmth, it could be used for that nude look, but not at this shade and tone.
I love it, just not as a nude.

Review by vengland: like other reviewers have said this is def. a gorgous color it is a slightly rose tinged caramel brown. sooo pretty!!!

Review by Chloeclover: Fabulous!! As if a dior product wouldn't be...It's the peerfect lipgloss ever!perfect colour,perfect scent, perfect feeling on the lips! It doesn't last too long but when i got this gloss on my lips i feel like they are having a high treatment!! Plus, brown is my fauvorite choice when it comes to makeup!

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