3 easy to use fragrances review

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By Stella

3 easy to use fragrances review,let's see how good they really are!


Bath and Body Works Carried Away

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I ordered this one online in the body splash without having previewed the scent. I was a little worried because it got some pretty mixed reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised by it.
It's very springy, pretty, and light. It starts out with strong berry-lemon notes, and does smell A LOT like Sweet Pea... it's really strange how similar it is at first. If you like Sweet Pea, you'll probably like this one for a little change-up. After a several seconds though, it mellows out into a very nice, airy freesia-vanilla, and with a light presense of the raspberry and lemon. This really reminds me of springtime, but is great for any season and any age to wear.

Review by beckibabe: This is my most favorite bath and body scent. It is a fresh flowery smell that just makes me happy when I spray it on. It is light and lasts for a good amount of time.

Review by amystar: HG scent forever. Carried Away smells like clean laundry with a hint of raspberries, and some soft florals. It doesn't smell like Sweet Pea to me, Sweet Pea for me is too sweet and overpowering. But Carried Away is the perfect everyday, fresh scent!

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Jean Patou Vacances

Review by Farra: Thanks to the lovely Papillon I was able to try this about a year ago and I have been neglectful in not reviewing it. It's is so pretty, a soft sweet lilac scent. Very ladylike, very pretty. There are also some white flowers in this but it is extremely well blended and despite it being a "classic" (that term to me means aldehydes and mustiness sometimes).....it is very fresh and extremely wearable if you are a lilac lover. When I smell this I am transported to the lilac bushes of my chilhood home dripping with sweetness in the morning, their scent lingering in the haziness of the summer heat. Pity it is so incredibly hard to find.

Review by ciarar: Vacances was created by Jean Patou in 1936 to celebrate the introduction of a paid vacation for French workers. It was re-released in the 1980's as one of the 12 piece Ma Collection. Vacances is a classic fragrance that encapsulates the essence of summer - it opens on a burst of green galbanum, and as it warms on the skin a note of dewy lilac and mimosa unfurl, with a faint note of heliotrope in the background. The drydown is a beautiful muted lilac and mimosa, with a hint of powder. Vacances is one of my favorite Patou fragrances, and I wish it wasn't so hard to find. Average lasting power of 3 hours on my skin, and quiet sillage.

Review by franjipany: Vacances is one of the scents I reach for when I have my yearly lilac craving in the spring. It does not have the watery, cucumber notes of En Passant and it is more a purple lilac than the white lilac of EP, it is not as deep and lush as SIP's Persica, it's not as linear as Sha, which to my nose is primarily lilac, heliotrope and musk and it's spicier and greener than SL's Un Lys. Vacances is a bouquet of lilacs and white flowers with carnation giving it a spicy edge in the opening. It's a powdery, honeyed, very feminine scent with a green edge. Definitely a worthy addition to a lilac collection and part of the attraction is the art work on the box. I rarely care much about the boxes fragrances come in, but the Ma Collection for Jean Patou all have fantastic boxes.

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Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Stardust (LE - Holiday 2010)

Review by spitfireseven: I got this perfume for the After Christmas sale and it was half priced! So I got this for a really great deal. I love that the musky sweet floral scent! I believe it is Jasmine, white musk, and honey suckle - all in all a great combination. I love that this perfume is strong enough to last all day, but is not overpowering. I love it so much that I bought two bottles while it was still on sale. I love this perfume!

Review by bastet: i got this fabulous perfume today at vs during the semi annual sale.i got it home and sprayed it on, and it smelled similar to something i had purchased before or owned. then about two hours later it hit me what it smelled like. it smells alot like glow after dark by jennifer lopez. so if you liek any jlo fragrance then youll love this.

Review by jenss79: It does resemble Lancome's Hypnose. But is less 'sharp' on the nose. It's pleasant and as a previous reviewer stated, it's a step up from the Heavenly Angels for sure.
A nice limited edition scent that seems to have a cult following.
The fragrance doesn't suit my personal body chemistry, though. Seems more appropriate on a sultry brunette.

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