3 easy to use face treatment

By Vicky

3 easy to use face treatment ,let's see how good they really are!


Palmers Palmers Bust Firming Massage Cream

Review by jamelia: I using this product more as prevention than cure as I am only 25. I do feel my skin is a more supple and firm since using this, and will continue to use to avoid sagging as I get older, I think the massage action required to rub it in also helps. Definitely cut the tube open when you cant squeeze out anymore as there is still a lot of product left over inside.

Review by edie4711: I love love love this product. This gel like cream is rather thick but absorbs quickly into my skin and is non-greasy. It smells faintly of cocoa as well though not as much as their body lotion. I've been using about 2-3 weeks now and already bought a backup since my local drugstore is having 20% discount. I use it all over my bust, chest, neck and the back of my hand morning and night after shower.
I haven't notice any drastic improvements yet but will keep using it to keep the skin supple.

Review by leeyao: I don't see any improvement on my breast,i've been using this for almost 1 tube. The only thing I like was the texture,not greasy at all and absorbs easily. the price is really cheap,but i'm not going to buy this again.

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Joico K-Pak Color Restorative Styling Oil

Review by Loriwong: Love this! Love the pump, love the scent, and of course, I love the way it performs.
I put it on after my leave-in conditioner, and let my hair airdry. My hair dries soft and the waves in it are defined. It might be just my imagination, but I think my hair looks healthier since I started using this. It is never greasy, and 3 pumps are enough to cover my long (below bra strap) hair. I didn't notice any extra color restoration (whatever that's supposed to mean), but that's ok, I'm happy with what this oil does.
I think it's much better than Moroccan Oil, and even better (lighter) than my previous favorite, Earthly Body Marrakesh oil.
If I ever finish this bottle (it seems to last for ages), I'll rebuy.

Review by meeshmu: The only hair oil I've been using for the past 3 years. I wash AND blow dry every day of the week, and my hair stylists still tell me how healthy my hair is. It also smells heavenly. I've tried Moroccan Oil too, but it doesn't even compare to this. I'm literally on my 6th bottle of this oil. IN LOOOOVE.

Review by cloud0204: I have "Stunning Silver" hair. I am always looking for products to soften and and shine. This product is wonderful. If made my hair very, very soft. It also added a "glow" to my hair. I only needed 2 pumps for my shoulder length hair. I also used another pump for my chest, shoulders and hands. It feels too good to use just on my hair. Can be used on damp hair/skin or dry.

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Boots Expert Sensitve Hydrating Serum

Review by mz654: LOVE THIS! I've switched to this whole line because I am having great, great results. This serum is exceptional with no breakouts. It wears well under makeup and can be used around the eyes.
There are no extras like retinol in here rather it is just a very good basic moisturizer. I use it instead of the companion moisturizers for day/evening. And I also use the cleansing/toning wipes.
This is around 7.00 at Target. I'm on my fourth bottle. It is packaged in a pump bottle.

Review by franjipany: I am punished every time I try to alter my skin routine to be more "natural." I was hoping for a cheap(er) alternative to Clinique DDGel, but no dice. This left my face a tad greasy and sadly, broke me out.
After three weeks I was back in Sephora dropping 25 dollars on daily moisturizer. Oh well.
EDIT: I kept it and now it's in my gym bag - after I shower I dab a little on so I don't have to lug my giant bottle of DDMG everywhere. It's great in very small does for dry patches, is very inexpensive and utilizes plant oil and extracts to moisturize instead if animal and mineral oils. I don't think I would buy it again, but I'm happy I can use it now. I would recommend it to drier skin types.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I really like this whole line, like other reviewers I have been amazed by the results of such inexpensive products. I use this after the anti-blemish serum and before the sensitive hydrating moisturizer. After all of this I put on my Shiseido ss and my face is matte yet moisturized the entire day. While I agree that it does feel a little more like lotion than serum it seems to achieve the same results. Will definitely repurchase.

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