3 easy to use face skin care

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By Stella

3 easy to use face skin care ,let's see how good they really are!


Arbonne Exfoliating Masque with Thermal Fusion

Review by minnielouse: Simply amazing. Have been using this for about a year and can't say enough good about it. Does make your face RED, but who cares?? It feels refreshing and DEFINITELY makes make up go on waay smoother. One of the only Arbonne products I've found to be very worth the

Review by island_honey: This review is based on a small sample pack I got from a friend who is a consultant. I really like the texture of the masque, it is very grainy, but the grains are very fine and not overly abrasive. I left the masque on for less than the recommended 5 minutes, and thank god I didn't leave it on any longer! When I washed it off, my skin was very itchy and burned. Everywhere I had applied the product, my skin was very red, and there was a distinct line between the skin that had not had the product on it and the skin that had. Very scary! The redness and itchiness went away after about 2 hours. If I were to use this product again, I would use it only as a scrub, and would *not* under any circumstances leave it on my skin.

Review by DawnD: I have used this product twice now and i really enjoy it! It has a tingling feeling and you may see some redness, but from what I understand it's like a mini-peel, so much easier on the face than a true one. It was great for me, but if you have sensitive skin, i don't believe i would recommend it.

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Natura Bisse Diamond Cream

Review by blueaygi: I tried 2 very generous samples of this cream. I used it for 2 weeks instead of my La Mer. It felt a little greasy, but did leave my skin very soft with a nice glow and fine lines seemed diminished. However, I almost never get any breakout. I go months with La Mer and never have one. I had 3 or 4 in the weeks I used this, I would not purchase the full size. I much preferred the Sisley Global anti-aging I used for 2 weeks also. I ordered the full size Sisley, no problems with breakouts and the results were the same. I still love La Mer, just decided to try something different.

Review by belle2216: I love this cream, worth every penny. I'm really into High end creams so I'd know, this way up there w/ La Prairie, Cle de Peau, and La Mer!

Review by beckibabe: I've used Diamond Cream on and off through out the years, I like the way it goes on, the feel and smell, but that's about all it is - a "pretty product". It is not a results product.

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Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo

Review by lmharte: I have been using this as an eye makeup remover for many years, nothing compares! It is so gentle and effective! But I have not had the courage to use it as a face wash, as I am currently using an aloe soap that my skin is very happy with.

Review by belladoggie00: I love this product because dh loves this as shampoo. I use this for makeup remover, brush cleaner and clarifying shampoo. I have used this brand and store brands with the same wonderful result. I will buy this as long as they make it and not change the formula.

Review by Olive143: Naztazia, you did a great job putting it in the skincare section!! =) In fact, I actually use this baby shampoo as a daily face wash! Out of all the face cleansers I've ever used, I found this the best thing to keep my face clean and soft and it's also surprising that it doesn't dry up my face at all which I expected it to since it contains sodium laureth sulphate. It's definitely a repurchase! =)

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