3 easy to use face scrub

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By Monica

3 easy to use face scrub ,let's see how good they really are!


Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating *Cream*

Review by London84: For 6.7 oz at US17.50, Clinique's Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator wasn't all that great... It had a nice refreshing scent, and exfoliated nicely, but it's just too expensive for me. I'm sure I can find a much cheaper brand that does the exact same thing.

Review by Lyssa2676: I love this stuff! I like it because it really does what it says, and it isnt too coarse and isnt too scratchy. I like the creaminess of it too! Very good product! I use it before washing so I make doubly sure I rinse it off well.

Review by mielr: I didnt find this product to be anything special. This is a light weight non greasy body exfoliator. the smell is a faint minty one but it doesnt make my skin feel tingly. tthe beads in it arent too big nor too small. Its a nice scrub that doesnt leave you oily. But now there are so many similiar drugstore products, that this is nothing special. I personally prefer an oily scrub for more moisture or my st ives apricot for more scrubby beads. This i felt, didnt exfoilate enough but it is nice and light for someone with sensitive skin.

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Victoria's Secret Stimulating Body Scrub - All

Review by marsqurine: This stuff rocks!!! I cant even believe how awesome it is. I have tried scrub after scrub and nothing was exactly what I was looking for, until I found this!!! I got it with the 7 for 35 promo...so you cant beat the price. I love how it foams, yet scrubs and leaves my skin SOOOO smooth!! I took one lippie off b/c once you have used half of it, its hard to get out of the tube and b/c the smell can be a bit overwhelming, but I dont care. I will not try another scrub!! I will buy it next time in Strawberries and Champagne b/c it is a little lighter than what I have now. Thank you VS for finding the perfect recipe for the perfect scrub!!!!

Review by joheinous: Finally, a scrub that comes in a tube! I've only tried Romantic Wish but it is a very delightful scrub. Does a very good job of exfoliating and it actually lathers up, which is something I haven't experienced with any other scrub. It's almost like the scrub turns into a lotion on your skin. I will buy more, especially with the 5 for 30 deal going on. :)

Review by kitkat85: Thick, frothy, exfoliating HEAVEN!!! I am a scrub lover, and this is my favourite. I even use it on my face every once in a while; it doesn't break me out (which is very surprising considering it's very highly fragranced) and makes my skin baby soft. I will continue to repurchase (especially since I'm always getting 5 for 25 deals etc. YAY!)

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Rachel Perry Peach & Papaya Gentle Facial Scrub

Review by Viognier: Smells good, works great......and is gentle even on my sensitive skin. Another thumbs up for Rachel Perry!!
still using and still loving- keeps my skin clear and smooth...5/24,2009

Review by catlover9_9: This is a great scrub. It has a clay-like consistency with very fine (but not sparse!) scrubbing granules. Nice smell too.

Review by bobsy: Love the smell of this and the gentle scrubbing grains. This is almost like a clay mask, but it is primarily a scrub. Really cleans all the gunk out of my skin and leaves it baby soft and smooth. Doesn't dry my skin out at all nor irritate it. I love this stuff. Only small complaint is that this is not in a tube, which would not only be more sanitary, but easier to use as well. Small price to pay though, for such a lovely scrub.

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