3 easy to use body gel

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By Vicky

3 easy to use body gel ,let's see how good they really are!


Bath and Body Works Temptations Pop Cheers Clink - from the Lucky In Love gift set

Review by betsyab: I love this smell. First time I smelled this scent I thought of if pink had a smell this would be it!!! Wish I could find it. I would def rebuy.

Review by laurilauri: Smells good in the bottle but somehow the minute you apply it you get the smell of what I imagine an alcoholic's armpit to smell like ICK Then it drys down to champagne slowly...I almost did not make it to drydown to get that last note as I wanted to quickly run for the sink to get it off. Glad I was online with my hubby and did not want to leave for even a second LOL Because then I got the drydown, but still... who wants to smell like champagne, it is a boozy smell...Not me..

Review by cweiss: Really fizzy, a nice change from all the "bakery" Temptations they have (which I also love.) I don't think this is terribly similar to actual champagne, but I don't mind because it smells like a delicious, fizzy pink punch you might find at a sweet sixteen or something like that. Side note, the lotion and spray are also right on with this scent, they dry down nice!

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Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel

Review by aml1: I love the smell of this product, and I like many of the other Original Source products, but it's so cold! It makes my skin tingly and cold, which is horrible during the winter and even in the summer!! Don't buy unless you want goose pimples!

Review by Pinki: Love it.
Its refreshing, cheap, lasts a long time, lathers well, wakes you up really well in the mornings or during the summer.
Would definitely repurchase. My favourite shower gel.

Review by redheadjane: It's so minty and smells really good! Really wakes you up in the morning/feels refreshing. However it might be a bit too tingley for some. I have fairly sensitive skin so it didn't agree with me much. Therefore I wont be repurchasing. However, it might work well for different skin-types.

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St. Ives Swiss Vanilla Body Wash

Review by Cygentte3: This lathers well and has a creamy rich texture. The smell has a synthetic quality that is unsettling for me though. At first whiff you get the vanilla, but it's quickly replaced by an almost plastic smell. I don't think it's that I don't like vanilla either, because I like the Body Shop's vanilla musk offerings.

Review by glossgal_01: I have used lots of different body washes, but I have found that this yummy-vanilla scented one is the only one that leaves my dry legs visably hydrated, even when I've been too lazy to moisturise. The fragrance is fairly subtle, so it doesn't clash with my perfume, and it's so cheap, you can't go wrong. One of my staple buys.

Review by kimmie578: Oh this is devine! the skin on my body is extremely sensitive(sensitive enough that i was never able to use soap or many other body washes out there). everything i tried irritated and dried my skin and the pharmacist reccoment i use cetaphil for a body wash so i did for a while.. however feeling rebellious one day i took a risk and bought some swiss vanilla body wash!
it smells great! it isnt a sickeningly strong vanilla smell just right. what really makes it great is the fact that it didnt irriate my skin or dry it up. it just cleaned it and left it smelling great! everytime i walk out of the shower my mum always comments on how lovely i smell. haha. its sooo cheap and lasts forever!

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