3 best shampoos

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By Sara

3 best shampoos ,let's see how good they really are!


L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Action Shampoo

Review by miss_mac: Why can't I find this shampoo outside of the Four Seasons hotel? I tried this when staying in Boston, and fell completely in love with it - it left my hair soft, silky, shiny, and not at all weighed down. When I find it, I'm purchasing the largest bottle I can get my hands on!

Review by julie9536: I love this Aromachologie shampoo for dry damaged hair, In fact I LOVE ALL there products shopping in this store, especially the honey body wash, and the honey cologne and bath honey soap, Delicious!!! This shampoo also called Angelica makes my hair super soft, manageable, shiny, and No allergic reactions to these products, and my skin is sensitive, This is a perfect beauty aid for sensitive skin person like me mom here. I even bought another 300ml shampoo angelica and its conditioner, im waiting for the 16.9 oz bottle which they have on order for me.

Review by dontblink15: I tried this when I was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel. Their toiletries are from L'occitane. I fell in love with the brand. My hair never smell so good or so clean. Its pricy so I only use it every other day

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LUSH Antiphilitron

Review by Springncts: I really like this shampoo- it has a fabulous, slightly sweet, strong lemon scent, and it lathers really well. I'm sorry this got discontinued, I wish I had more of it.

Review by omegakitty: I love this lemon shampoo! It smells wonderful and very natural, and it leaves my hair shiny and silky without any trace of styling products. The only problem is that it doesn't lather very well on first application. Also, it's a bit runny and if you're not careful it will escape your hand and end up on the floor :)

Review by mashafromrussia: It's not as good as the reviews says so. It's ok but not amazing...

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Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo

Review by DawnD: It's been a year since I've used this shampoo and remember liking it a lot since I have oily thin hair. I felt like it really did thoroughly cleanse and didn't weigh it down at all. I would buy this again because it does such a good job for cheap (1 a bottle).

Review by cperry: this shampoo is seriously amazing! i use it at least once a week to clean and clarify the gunk off my scalp (i use soo many products on my hair to keep it frizz-free and straight) and it really works beautifully.
another plus is that i used to have dandruff on my scalp but i don't see ANY of that since i've been using this! my weekly cleanup routine for my scalp includes first having a jojoba oil deep conditioning session for my hair for a few hours and then getting in the shower and without getting my hair wet, i'll lather up this shampoo on my head and then rinse it out and then use aussie's moist conditioner. my hair is so shiny afterwards. and it's SO cheap and lasts so long. amazing stuff!

Review by liselise1: Cheap clarifying shampoo that removes yucky build up from previous styling aids. I like this because its gentle and effective. I don't have to worry about this drying out my hair horribly either. I buy this over and over again.

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