3 best-selling lip liner

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By Stella

3 best-selling lip liner ,let's see how good they really are!


Jordana Easyliner for Lips in Baby Berry

Review by funkybabe: These are very similar to the Rimmel Exaggerate liners IMO. They are thicker and creamy with good staying power but don't feel heavy on the lips. Very good pigmentation! They are super cheap with a nice color range. Packaging is cute and nice. This color is a pretty bright berry color- so not as wearable as some of the other colors but still nice.

Review by sophie_tan: this is a true pink that really compliments my skin.. i just top it with my pinkish gloss and im good to go.. it is nice for natural look, not too bright, not pale.. love it!

Review by cgosyne: This doesn't have the strong plasticy smell that some other Jordana Easyliner colors have such as Rock N' Rose, and it doesn't tug at all like Rock N' Rose. The color is aptly named, because I would describe it as a very dark berry pink. The cap is not too secure, but I love that it is an automatic pencil that does not require sharpening, at a very inexpensive price. I wear it with all my cool-toned dark mauve, rose and berry lippies. I would repurchase.

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Prestige Waterproof Automatic Lipliner in Nude

Review by kit_kat68: Wish it was alittle larger, but matches spot on to my pigmented dusty rose brown lips. It applies smoothly as well.

Review by mashafromrussia: This is a good nude lipliner for me. I have high contrast coloring, and the shade of the liner comes very close to being that of my lips. It's darker than my upper lip, but pretty much dead on for my lower lip. The liner seems to wear well if it's used to fill in the lips and then left to set for a minute or so before applying lipstick or gloss. If you apply gloss right away, it doesn't seem to set properly and will wear off when the gloss does. The liner seems to work well for an automatic and the cap seems to stay on, but I don't carry it around everywhere.

Review by blueaygi: I've been looking at lipliners lately with the desire to find a longlasting one to wear as an all over color and then slick clear gloss over , this is great. I wouldn't say it goes on lipsticky but it's not lipstick it goes on well for a liner and although it's a little dark for me to pull off as my natural lipcolor {I'm an uber pale redhead with virtually no pigment} it adds a nice polished look without looking made up, stays on well too even when the gloss wears off the color is still there. Great product I'll be buying more of these in various colors.

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Rimmel Exaggerate-063 Eastend Snob

Review by lorraine07: Love this lip liner even more than the MAC ones I keep buying! This is the perfect pink. It goes with anything. It goes on smooth, creamy and pigmented. I like that it's a automatic liner- makes life easier. I also love the price- it retails for about 5.99 and you can often pick it up on sale ( I just bought one for 3.50.) I think I have repurchased this five times or more- which is rare for someone who 'collects' make up like me.

Review by jlinh2u: I just love this color!!! It's the perfect lipliner color, a lovely pink!!! The staying power is good for a liner, but not excellent.

Review by almighty_curv: My new HG lipliner. Easy application, keeps my lippies LOCKED for hours granted you're not eating or drinking a whole lot. Brightens up my lippies, stops them from feathering, and generally an awesome liner. The price can't be beat for such a great product.

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