3 best-selling lip glosss review

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By Sara

3 best-selling lip glosss review,let's see how good they really are!


mark Glow Baby Glow Hook-Up Lip Gloss - Hot

Review by Keva: Deadringer for Delux's Norris.
Same size, almost the same color, but more pigmented.
Price: 5 (note: that's 1/3 the price of Norris:)

Review by clnfox: One of my favorite GBG shades. It's a shimmery deep red with micro glitter. At first, I was afraid the color would be too intense, but the gloss is quite sheer and it turned out looking very nice. If you want more color, just put on two coats instead of one! Wonderfully minty flavor and light texture.

Review by Leelee57: Love this color. Its a nice neutral red with shimmer that goes on nice and sheer but you can darken it if you want. Its pretty much the ONLY red colored lipgloss that actually looks good on my PPP/FFF warm toned skin. It doesnt stand out and its not too dark that it makes me looked washed out. I am gonna keep buy this stuff. :) Danke mark.

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Cover Girl Amazemint - Everything's Rosy

Review by AokiJ: pretty color,gives an iridescent pink color to my lips,
got a great deal for these on ebay and I think my major complaint is the tube it's in...not the way it's designed, I can deal with that, but when you get to the end of the tube, there is still some left that the wand won't reach, and you have to figure out another way to get the gloss, so i removed the plastic part on top and got most of it, but there was still quite a bit, so i said forget it..not worth it...
color is very pretty, bought it because I heard so many good things about it, but what it boils down to..not worth the trouble..

Review by almighty_curv: I am constantly searching for the perfect pink lip gloss. You know, the gloss that you can apply without a mirror, that looks natural and sexy, that brightens up my whole face and complements the rest of my makeup. Everything's Rosy just barely misses the mark for me, but that still makes it a lovely pink gloss. It looks like my lips, but brighter.

Review by fuxxy: This is my favorite Amazemint personally so even if I gave the others a 4, I'll give it a 5.
it is a gorgeous pink shade. Looks kind of ugly in the tube, esp since the tube itself (boring plastic with tacky blue top) serves the color no justice. I didn't have much hope for this one but I thought it doesn't hurt to try it and return it since I go to CVS like every other day (dangerous habit I tell ya). But it surprised me. I am a really fair asian and on me, the color is nicely pigmented, not too dark and not too sheer. The pink is definitely noticeable. I will try to get picture up of these when I can.

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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Frankly Flirty (LE)

Review by blyss: Frankly Flirty is sheer wine gloss with a very subtle sparkle. Absolutely smooth texture. Great color for me; DDD (Iman Clay6). I love Revlon SL glosses. And this one is not exception. Cost 5 at Cosmetic Warehouse.

Review by nechama22: This is one of my favorite SL glosses. It gives a subtle, healthy berry tint that goes great with my pale skin and dark hair (as other reviewers have mentioned). I would probably be disappointed if I had darker skin and wanted something more pigmented, but as that's not the case, I am really happy with this one. I got my first as a BOGOF with Berry Wild and then went back and got two more BOGOF plus a coupon from Ulta. Can't beat that with a stick! MAJOR RAVE!

Review by i_darling: Frankly Flirty was the only one in stock, and boy am I glad I got it! It's delicious on...it looks very juicy on my already pigmented lips. I'm kind of glad it's not as dark on the lips as it is in the tube.
Gives lips a nice, natural look, with a hint of color. Beautiful. The price being almost 6 is worth it as these always last me forever...and the packaging definitely stands up against your department brands.
Will definitely continue to repurchase!

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