3 best-selling lip glosss compare

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By Stella

3 best-selling lip glosss compare,let's see how good they really are!


Avon Fruity Lip Juice - Ripe Melon

Review by Stampy_76: Ripe Melon is a very pretty sheerish light (somewhat bubblegummy) pink with very subtle shimmer. It smells exactly like watermelon gum :) Very cute and girly :}

Review by lorrainer07: Ripe Melon is a pretty light bubblegum pink shade. It smells really nice and I always get compliments on it whenever I wear it. I don't reach for it too much now but I wore this often during the warmer months because it looked good with a tan. I would purchase this shade again :o )

Review by ckgurl714: Nice packaging! Yummy yummy smell! Delicious and sweet baby pink color! Love it as one of my l/g collection! Don't know if it'll moisturize your lips or not? Just rec'd yesterday!

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Chanel Glossimer - Waterlily

Review by joheinous: Be warned: this color is VERY sheer. I think it's even more sheer than Glow, which is my all-time fave. I'd say Waterlily is like a cool-toned version of Glow. I was a bit disappointed that Waterlily is so sheer, rather than applying like it appears in the tube. However, I have naturally very pink lips so this shade looks nice on me. It's like MLBJ (my lips but juicier). It gives a hint of pink color with subtle golden shimmer. I'm addicted to Glossimers so I'd say it's a worthwhile purchase for me. I've been wearing it every day for the past three weeks since I got it.

Review by Keva: I agree with the other reviewers below. This color is basically a nude. I hardly notice the gold sheen on my lips that appears in the tube. As the other reviewer put it, MLBJ.
Comparing this to the other shades that were recently released, I would say my favorites are Nebula and Silex. Nebula reminds me of MAC's Dazzleglass Date Night and Silex is a fun summery peach, so these were total opposites for me but they work. If I want an overall cool, plummy look, I go with Nebula. For warmth, I wear Silex. For neutral, I go to Waterlily.

Review by fuxxy: This is another gorgeous color from Chanel. Other revierwers described it perfectly. Sheer rosy pink with sublte golden shimmer. Perfect with darker eyes or for a more natural look and just divine over almost any lipstick. It seems to be a trend in Chanel gloss that what you see in the tube is not remotely how it looks on much like Spark, Sirop and others. About this being LE.... mine was with the regular testers and I think it may be permanent like Wild Rose is now. Must check into this. It's hard for me to find colors like this that aren't silvery or so pale that they look milky. Chanel is my go-to for l/g and this is another winner. EDIT: took a lippie off cause it can look a little too "gold" sometimes.

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Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balm

Review by clnfox: I, too, love this balm! It makes me very happy to see there is a brush in the lid. No mess! It smells like watermelon candy but the fragrance is very light and slowly disappears as you wear it. The consistency is sort of thick but it's not sticky at all and it's very sheer. It lasted about 2 hours before I had to reapply. 8 is a bit more than I want to pay for lip balm but since it's LE, I figured I would splurge for the pink one and I'm glad I did. The only thing I would add is a mirror in the lid.

Review by mulhollanddrive: I love this lip balm! First off, the packaging is adorable, i love the sleekness of it, and the little mini lip brush that fits inside the lid. Secondly, the smell is amazing! It smells just like watermelon jolly ranchers, yum!!! I got it in the shade pink crystal, and it really enhances my natural lip color, it adds a hint of color and shine and looks like my lips but better :) .

Review by Graceteix: Although I like the formula a lot, and the built-in brush actually works and is a nice touch, I have to take off 2 lippies for frostiness. I have the Peach Crystal shade, which looks like such a lovely sunny golden coral in the pot, but goes on with an almost blue-white frost that is not so pretty against my red hair and yellow skin. The actual balm has a lovely and not-overpowering watermelon scent, and a nice thick creamy texture that really stays put. It's not a gloss, for certain-- not shiny enough for that. But it would make a great tinted balm if it stayed more true-to-shade.

I still use this, but only on top of lipstick. On its own, it makes me look frostbitten!

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