3 best-selling fragrances review

By Christina

3 best-selling fragrances review,let's see how good they really are!


Terra Nova Sakura and Green Tea Perfume Essence

Review by clnfox: I was absolutely disappointed by the BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom products, which just do not smell like sakura to me. Maybe it's the combination of green tea, but this Terra Nova fragrance is just such a fresh floral. Very true to the scent of the flower.

Review by misswillow: This is a lovely, soft , clean floral fragrance. I don't smell many tea notes- to me it has more of a citrusy undertone but the floral notes are always predominant. I will wear this year round but think it will be especially nice in the warmer weather. Another winner from Terra Nova and a definite repurchase.

Review by runty: This is gorgeous. Overall, Terra Nova does a really great job and Sakura and Green Tea is well within that parameter. First, the bottles are gorgeous - as with Red Tea and Cocoa Blossom, they're thick globes of glass (like sea glass) with colonial-feeling pewter tops. Second, the scent is lovely: a combination of a soft green tea (none of the harsh, biting quality green tea frags can have), egyptian musk, and a delicate, very pretty lemony citric. Dry, refreshing, pretty, a great perfume for summer, beautiful packaging, wonderful pricing. All that AND, AND, it's a woman-owned, run business!

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Jean Patou Que Sais-Je?

Review by fitnessa: A delicate, pretty fragrance that smells much of fruit and musk. It
honestly reminds me strongly of Exclamation! which is available (most of the Patous seem to be gone from the world) and dirt cheap, unlike Que Sais. Still nice, but for a 1925 fragrance I have to say it seems either ahead of its time or not very special. In the struggle between dated and blah, this one comes out ahead, but only just.

Review by Sybil84: The second of the love trilogy perfumes, a fragrance that depicts the moment "où l'esprit s'interroge"; that is to say, the agonizing moment of "he loves me, he loves me not". Yes, I think I can see what Patou had in mind when he created this one. After the delicious, innocent, bright-eyed optimism of Amour Amour, the first in the trilogy, celebrating the initial flirtatious moment of falling in love, and before Adieu Sagesse, the third, which concludes it, here in the second we are in a limbo of doubts. This is not an easy fragrance to wear, nor is it an easy emotion to experience, bittersweet though it may be. Orange blossom, neroli, amber, and some foreboding. And what if he does not? It's a pungent, courageous, fierce perfume, that takes some getting used to. Just like love, just like life, just like a future we know nothing about.

Review by mielr: I've tried most of the Ma Collection fragrances and was desperate to try this one. I didn't know it was a chypre-fruity, which I can't wear. If you like Femme, you will like this, although it is less overpowering.

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Suds and Light Chinatown Dupe EDP

Review by bunnyrabbit: All of the reviewers are right about this one. It is a very good dupe! I had a little Chinatown Sample from Bond No. 9 and compared the two side by side. What a savings!! And great lasting power too.

Review by peachy905: Just received my first Suds and Light order, and Oh My God...they make an absolutely OUTSTANDING replica of Bond No.9's Chinatown... Seriously, I may not have to save up for that full bottle of the genuine article after all. LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!

Review by Graceteix: Add me to the growing list of people that got ripped off by this seller. She sent my order to the wrong address, then refused to refund my money or send out another order. As she was clearly in the wrong I thought it would be no trouble to get my money back via PayPal, but because she provided proof of shipment (even to the wrong address!) she gets to keep my money. Ladies, PLEASE be careful with this seller. You might think that it's worth the risk to get discounted fragrances from this person and that should anything go wrong you can file a PayPal claim, but there is no guarantee you'll get your money back even when the seller is at fault!

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