3 best-selling fragrance

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By Tifanny

3 best-selling fragrance ,let's see how good they really are!


Guerlain Liu

Review by julie9536: Liu from Guerlain. Intriguing name. Gorgeous packaging. Nasty olfactory surprise.
Here's what I wrote in my notes as I was testing Liu: "aldehydes ...champaca ...baby powder/pampers ...dirty baby smell" ...and there the list ends, because I quickly ran to scrub it off.
Normally, I try to be open minded about fragrances that I don't initially care for, letting them develop and allowing myself a chance to understand them. But this is the first fragrance that I can honestly say made me - literally - gag. It really, really did. Liu quickly develops into the sour odor of a neglected infant. Of all the perfumes I've have had the opportunity to sample, this one is hands down the most godawful. And that's all I have to say. Beware of Liu.

Review by isabellet: Liu--a seamlessly smooth, fruity melange of aldehydes and flowers that dries down to a grand, elegant finish. So debut du siecle! The parfum bottle is feast for the eyes, although, unfortunately, Guerlain discontinued Liu in parfum form. EDT is no longer available in retail in the U.S. either--stock up at online perfumeries before this marvelous fragrance becomes out of reach altogether.

Review by navarre: This one surprised me. I thought I'd be disappointed because of it's brash resemblance to Chanel 5 in the beginning, but the dry down is richer and creamier and more interesting than #5. I agree with others that it's worth a try if you love 5, and if you like aldehydic floral openers. This is better.

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Mary Kay Journey Eau de Parfum

Review by LuiLui: I really like to layer with this fragrance. It is a fruity green floral that smells a lot like pears and fresh flowers. Doesn't remind me of Pleasures, because it's not peppery at all. It is much more green pear with white flowers and a bit of a green, sharp accord but that isn't too strong.
It is very delicous layered with vanilla lotion or body milk. It goes on kind of strong but dries down nicely. It lasts much longer with either the matching Journey lotion, or I prefer vanilla lotion.
The bottle is squatty and could be prettier. It's not the easiest to hold.

Review by andij: When I first sprayed this on I thought it smelled nice but might be a little too sharp smelling for my taste. After I had it on and it had mellowed, I thought it was wonderful. It is similar to Pleasures, but I like it better. I did not give the packaging a 5 because the bottle is short and stubby and a little difficult to hold and spray at the same time.

Review by dastac: I realy like this sent I ware this during the day and at night dressup or going out I ware Elige that is my favort and my husbands favort. But during the day I ware Journey and its very clean smelling not strong and eligant. I think the package is great and the bottle is elegant. When I ware this during the day I feel good and pretty. I love fragreances and have 7 in my colotion but journey and Elige is the two that I ware the most often. Yes will buy again I know that MK is not popular in the skin care but there fragrance are very good and smell simler to the high end fragrances and they last a long time. No not all me fragrances are MK but out of 7 4 of them are.

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Primal Elements Hydrating Body Mist

Review by taskeeng: I have this in Tahitian Vanilla and it smells divine. My only gripe is that is fades soo quickly, even though I layer it with the soap, shower gel and lotion. I would buy more soaps, but not this spray.

Review by kimberpoo: Ohh have to say yummy :) I have their mist in cupcake which is absolutely delish!!!

Review by tippygirl: My Holy Grail of fragrance. I have tried a lot of scents..cheap to expensive. This is the nicest, most yummy one I have tried yet! I am hooked. I spray it a lot! The scent doesn;t fade as fast as other mists do, but I just LOVE it! Will def be buying it again and again!!! So soft and sweet vanilly. Must try and if you hate it page me..I'll swap you for it! haha

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