3 best-selling eyeshadows compare

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By Helen

3 best-selling eyeshadows compare,let's see how good they really are!


NARS Paris Duo

Review by Loriwong: The light grey shade is too pigmented as a highlighter but too light to be used on the creases. The dark grey is a safe color as a liner or a shadow, but I find it very boring. It is as good as any grey or black color out there.

Review by runtagua: I love this duo... for day, for night, anytime. Sadly, I feel it doesn't get the attention it deserves because it's grey and grey, but for my brown eyes (nc20 skin) it's perfect for creating a quiet (read: conservative) smokey eye. The colors are a silverish (no real metallic to it) pale grey and a charcoal matte. I pair this with the tiniest hint of Exhibit A blush and MAC See Sheerly l/s.

Review by bekkbekk1985: decent blendaility, colors are ok as well...but somehow i just find this duo...boring

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Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo, Ginger

Review by jenss79: i have signature eyeshadow in Cappucino and i am very very impressed. i think it is best eyeshadow out there: does not irritate my super sensitive eyes.very easy to bled and has very good staying power.highly recommended!i will try other colours too.

Review by pretty_please: This is a nice duo. I got it as a gwp, and i will use it, but i find that its not something that i grab for very often. Its not something that i'd go crazy over. Instead, i grab for the Coastal Scents neutral palette, so i do recommend this if you're into the Estee Lauder stuff, but i prefer others to this

Review by hersheyb: I got this as a GWP. I've worn both colors together but I'm in love with the highlight color. On it's own I'd buy it again.

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Shu Uemura ME Brown 850

Review by lizbert: MAC's satin taupe is WAY better.

Review by IMAproductwhore: This isagorgeous silvery taupe with other colourscoming through.
The finish is exquisite and very blendable. i prefer Shu U's textures compared to Mac especially the shadows and definitely the blushes but they aredefi itely way more pricier. In some cases some of Macs textures are comparable.
The only thing i dont like is the packaging as i can see at some point the lid breaking away from the main base.
This colour is great and i think would suit all eye colours. I have verydark browneyes but i can see thisl looking really nice on blue eyes.

Review by diachu21: Similar to Chanel ombre d'eau but with more silver. I have not worn anything else since I've bought this. Wow! Is all I can say. Amazing color on brown eyes! And I'm sure amazing on all eyes. Looks beautiful with Guerlain Loose Kohl in black!

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