3 best-selling eyeshadow reviews

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By Helen

3 best-selling eyeshadow reviews,let's see how good they really are!


TheBalm Shady Lady Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow

Review by liselise1: i bought this in the shade called scandalous. I totally forgot that I'd bought it until I was looking for a different product in my makeup case. this color is beautiful. soft and subtle or darker and more dramatic depending on how heavily you apply it. It's great as a base for other colors... definitely makes them last longer! and it's absolutely creaseless!

Review by Stampy_76: I wish TheBalm had more of a color selection. Texture is pretty easy to apply - it's not sticky, gooey, or oily. Jinx is a basic dark brown with a little shimmer. Wish it were more of a dark bronze (more orange). If you love the colors they have, you'll be happy. I gave mine to my mom and went back to Avon's cream shadow in Tiger's Eye (loved the Triple Benefit old formula - the new Anti Aging formula is thicker and harder to blend). 14 at Sephora.

Review by oneofmylies99: I wear this almost every day and love it!! I love the way it feels, weightless and creamy. It looks great under other shadows or by itself. I also put a little on the inner corners of my eyes and it looks very pretty (that's the goldish color I'm talkin' about). I recommend it!

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Sephora Colorful Mono Eyeshadow - All

Review by i_darling: I got the favorite song shadow. I adore the color, the glitter, well it was all over my face. It is so bad that I just can't wear this shadow at all. BOOHOO, but the color is to die for. What good is it if all you can do is look at it!!!!!!

Review by taskeeng: These are the worst eyeshadows I have ever used! They have absolutely no pigmentation, and whenI put them on there's not even a sheer wash of color, I don't notice any difference at all! Please don't waste your money.

Review by zhenya: Gorgeous colors and color payoff! Unfortunately, the colors I was interested in were non-matte, and any of the non-matte ones, even the ones with a slight sheen, had tons of glitter!! Not chunky glitter like Urban Decay shadows, but still, glitter that spread like wildfire! You might not notice it at first in the Sephora lighting, but once you step out in the sun, good lord, you could be part of Cirque du Soleil! Too bad because I really liked the colors too. =(

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MAC Chrome Yellow eye shadow

Review by dastac: Seriously? Save the 13 bucks, grab a dandelion and smush it on your skin. EXACT same color, and you'll be practicing weed control to boot. As a cool toned LLL, I can't pull it off (and i can wear many other yellows). I think this would be prettier if it was not matte, but on me, it looks very sickly - like my duaghter when she had jaundice.

Review by drusilladru: Chrome is a fun colour and does not make me look like I have jaundice! (note: I'm an AAB) It can be used as a wash or blended on the inner V. EDIT: I eventually swapped this shadow away. It's still a fun colour but very young, which was great when I was in university but not so much now that I'm out there in the real world.

Review by shopgirl087: The texture is a bit chalky though and you do have to pile it on for color pay-off. My skin color is about....NW27, mediumlight skin but my face is usually pretty tan ---overall I sold this because it's not for the 'look' I'm going for but hey it works for a lot of people! whatever is your style I guess

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