3 best-selling eyeliners

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By Fiora

3 best-selling eyeliners ,let's see how good they really are!


mark On The Edge Hook Up Liquid Eyeliner - Lilith

Review by cweiss: I finally decided to try liquid liners again after using those felt tip ones of years past! I tried the Lilith and it was amazing!!! I found it was so easy to apply, way easier than all my Mac Fluidliners! It gave me a clean line with no tugging on the eye and lasted throughout my long 12hr shift without a smudge!! I just can't believe I waited this long to try it out! I love the fact that I can hook it up to my gloss for the day too. Lilith is a pretty med bronzey brown shade and definitely not boring! I'm hooked on these now!! I think I need them all!!

Review by leeyao: Great eyeliner - looks lovely with my brown eyes! Too bad ordering this was a nightmare. mark really messed up my order. 2 stars for being pretty - but only a 2 for the packaging since it's so small - I like to use this with the hook-up. MInus 3 stars b/c the only reason I wouldn't buy this again is I don't trust mark to send anything to me!

Review by Angeline: Beautiful Colour - a coppery brown similar to MAC Teddy eyeliner as another reviewer noticed.
It stays put all day once applied. I find the tiny little brush a little fiddly, but its good to get as close to the lashes as possible. The packaging is very small, but i like the hook up idea.
Overall - very nice and i would buy it again!

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Naturistics Liquid Liner in Chrome

Review by runty: I love this eye liner. I haven't wore eyeliner in a few years when I got it, but my local Walmart had a ton of them on sale at only 10 cents each! What a bargain, so I decided to try them again. The Chrome really looks like liquid foil on top of my eyes and it also has good lasting power, since I put it on this morning and I don't have to reapply it now. I also have it in Gunmetal and Sapphire, and I think I might get a gold one if they sell that shade. I'll never use another eyeliner other than this (except for when I need a brown or black one).

Review by bossanovaville: Nice formula that doesn't smudge and applies evenly (some liners I have bought don't apply opaquely, but streaky). Only problem was the colour - I was expecting a dark charcoal grey, instead this would be a medium shimmery grey. I am a NC30 and this way too light for me to use a liner. I love the Bronze which I use on my inner corners too brighten my eye but again this too is quite light.

Review by maribebe: The eyeliner itself is really good quality, especially for liquid, but the metallic colors aren't for you if you're trying to create a natural look.

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Jordana Kohl Kajal in Cool Aqua

Review by minnielouse: I love this liner, I use it when I go for a smokey blue eye look. The color is a deep medium blue and it really compliments my blue eyes and fair skin. I highly recommend any Jordana kohl liner. They are so easy to use and the color just glides on your eyes. You don't have to heat them up or apply them a lot to get some color. One of my favorite pencil liners and they are dirt cheap, 79 cents.

Review by francesca39: Ok, so, ladies, I'm thinking about naming my firstborn child Walgreens after the beloved store that continues to sell my precious Jordana eyeliners. That is how much I love these bad boys, and Cool Aqua in particular. Jordana kohls (the easyliners are a little firmer) apply like butter: so smooth, so creamy, so pigmented. They are slick enough to disappear, so be sure to wear them over primer. I even powder over the liner with translucent powder or eyeshadow and line again if I know I'm going to be going for a while. Cool Aqua is my go-to blue liner: intense royal blue with a bit of depth and shimmer. I love it!

Review by Vaniessa: Great liner. Super cheap, of course, wears well and is easy to apply. Similar in color to MAC Smoothblue Technakohl Liner, though the Jordana is slightly less iridescent and more of a medium blue and less of a medium aqua.

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