3 best-selling body skin care

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By Fiora

3 best-selling body skin care ,let's see how good they really are!


Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Antibacterial Hand Foam

Review by coolRED: I barely ever use this product because it leaves my hands so sticky.

Review by Bonnie2842: This comes in a cute little pump style bottle. It fits nicely in my purse and is great for travel or long car trips. This is a must have when you have to use those icky public restrooms!

Review by joheinous: I love these soaps, they're adorable! Got this in a 3-for-10 deal along with Country Apple and Coconut Lime Verbena. I got them all in the foaming version. I love Warm Vanilla Sugar, it's so sweet and comforting. I was not a huge vanilla fan before I bought this, because I always thought that it was too "foody." WVS isn't too foody at all, but it still has that yummy vanilla-ness to it. The scent is definitely there, but not overpowering. Love it!

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Yves Rocher Aloe Vera Essentiel - Cold Wax Strips

Review by Lyssa2676: This is only the second time I've attemped self-waxing since I usually go to a professional. The first time was with a Sally Hansen kit that came with a tub of wax, plastic spatula, and cloth strips. This is much easier and cheaper. One box contains 16 strips that are stick together in two's so that the wax is not exposed. This works pretty well on the bikini area, but my only gripe is the size of the strip itself. It's pretty big and unwieldy, but I guess that depends on what area you want to wax. I have to cut this into smaller pieces first, and this makes the strip slightly stickier but it's no biggie. Coarser hair might not work too well with these though.

Review by LuiLui: I used cold wax stripes from Veet before I found these from Yves Rocher. It's pretty much the same product but considerably cheaper. I'm definitely going to repurchase soon. Wax stripes leave some sticky bits on the skin, but those can be easily removed with a paper handkerchief dipped in olive oil (or any other vegetable oil). There's absolutely no need to buy Aloe Vera oil from Yves Rocher, which serves the same purpose but is stuffed with nasty mineral oil. These Cold Wax Stripes are perfect though! Practical and easy to use. Waxing is painful at first but beats shaving; you'll have smooth skin for weeks! :)

Review by Elixir: Some of the best wax strips I've used. Some brands' wax strips are gloopy and leave a lot of "wax" on your legs and some just don't cling to your hairs enough but these do neither. They rip out all the hairs cleanly and thoroughly :)

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Eucerin Itch Relief Moisture Spray

Review by kitten75: What is wrong with Eucerin? I haven't been able to find this spray in about a year, so I'm nearly positive it's been discontinued - and yet they kept the 'calming creme,' which made my sensitive, eczema-afflicted skin itch WORSE? This spray was a small miracle for those times when you're about to scratch yourself bloody and need something to cool it before you do serious damage to your dermis. I really wish they'd bring it back. :(

Review by aguskl: This is my HG body product. But since it is only a sample, i have to go buy more! I cant rec this enough. With Menthol, it quickly relieves Dry itchy winter skin and the spray action is so convienent! they only thing that i dont like is that this wont really spray so good when it is upside down, making it hard to spray my legs, but i still love it!

Review by Chloeclover: My mother bought that and I kind of claimed it as my own :o )It really works well on my dry itchy winter skin (mainly on my arms and legs). I'll probably buy this again if I ever manage to use it up.

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