3 best self tanner

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By Tifanny

3 best self tanner ,let's see how good they really are!


Au Courant Instant SunlessTanning Mousse

Review by dastac: I have tried a lot of self tanners and this is by far the best one. It dries quickly, and I never get streaks since I can see where I am applying it. My mom tans in a tanning bed and she thought I did too when she saw me, that's how natural it looks. I apply it using those throw away plastic gloves and for my hands I use a sponge. You should use lotion before you apply the tanner on your hands,feet, elbows,and knees because with any self tanner these areas tend to get darker then the rest of the body.

Review by scrapdoll: This is wonderful! This is by far the best color I've ever experience with a self-tanner...looks exactly like my natural tan. The stain is great too-gives you some subtle color while waiting for your "tan" to develop, and is a great guide to prevent the streakies! Application is easy (I used the sponge...prefer my hands, but can never seem to do it w/o getting the SPOTS!), and you can dress almost immediately afterwards (though I wouldn't wear white). My only complaint is that it doesn't last as long as I'd like so I may try the lotion, but for the color, it's worth it! One of the best features is the lack of STINK...it smells faintly of fresh bananas, but hours later you don't smell like one big test-tube of DHA...I could hardly detect it. I've tried oh so many over the years, and now I'm done. YIPPEEEEEE!

Review by laurilauri: I like to be able to see my tan (I have medium olive skin tone) so want a colour which is natural but more than just a subtle glow. This gives me a dark colour which I like but can be ott if I apply it too regularly. I would definitely say darker than my St Tropez, which is odd because this was sold to me as a lighter alternative to St Trop?! I like the smell (sweet banana) and its light mousse texture goes on smoothly with no streaks. I apply it with a mit to protect my hands. A good product which gives a nice tan without any hint of orange.

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St.Tropez St.Tropez Tinted Self Tanning Mousse/Whipped Bronze

Review by tippygirl: Love this product! it is the best fake tan on the market without a doubt! It smells much more pleasant than other tans and doesnt streak!
My top tips for application!
1.Always wear latex gloves
2.Exfoliate and moisturize the day before you intend to apply the tan
3.Wait at least 15mins before dressing after application
4.Moisturize every day
5.Apply the tan before you go to bed, the heat really helps the color to develop! when you shower in the morning you will still have the color minus the color guide, this is what you will see coming off in the water! Dont worry!
6.Exfoliate once a week

Review by cperry: Always keep a bottle of this around. Apply with gloves and prep skin prior make sure you put moisturiser around ankles, feet and knees so that the product doesn't get too absorbed there. Quick drying, does smell yes, but don't they all, apply before bed and then in the shower in the morning the guide color will wash off and leave a good tan. Tend to only use on legs.

Review by LuiLui: I am on my second bottle. Color is great - very natural. Fades gradually. Application can be messy and time consuming (gloves are a must!). Absorbs quickly and streaks are minimal with proper application. Minus one lippie for transfer of color (bronzer) onto clothing and can make your face look dirty. I apply it at night (after exfoliation) and shower it off in the morning. Pretty reasonable price.

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Prescriptives Sunsheen allover self tanner

Review by peachy905: I am really thinking that everyone's skin reacts differently with self-tanners. I have tried mucho tanners and have yet to find the "one and only". (Kind of like searching for Mr. Right). Anyway,,,,,this one just turned me orange and the smell is quite high on the stink scale. Whewww....I guess I'll just be throwing this one into the giveaway pile. Oh well, the search goes
on....and on.......and on.....

Review by oopsygirl: This is your basic, simple self-tanner. No glitter, no sparkels, no bronzing. It is easy to put on, as it is not thick. I know some ST are so thick you have to practically rub yourself raw to get it on. This ST is nothing like that. The color is nice. It does have a smell, but most do. However, doesn't all beauty come with sacrifice!?

Review by sophie_tan: This was my first go with a self tanner, and what a great one to start with! It's easy to apply, though I was nervous bc the color doesn't show up right away, that I'd end up blotchy--not so! It gives me the most even NATURAL looking tan I could have hoped for. NO orangey tones--no one would ever guess I use a self tanner, its that naturural! If you're looking for something with a more dramatic effect, I wouldn't go with this, but for a subtley bronzed look--this is perfect.

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